World War 2 v3.2.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Medals)

World War 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Medals) v3.2.0

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Android 4.4
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(Unlimited Money/Medals)
Oct 17, 2022
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World War 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money/Medals)

World War 2

World War II is a strategy game set in the historical event of the same name, in which players attempt to successfully complete their requirements by defeating enemies. Go through different turns of the game and try to complete the level in the best possible way with your available troops. At the same time, there will always be generals with impressive skills, and sometimes even make your army stronger.


Just look at the title of the game and you’ll know what you need to do in World War II. Engage in battles against enemies and complete quests required for levels. At the same time, you can access different types of armies with the latest weapons of the era and find generals that increase the strength of your armies. Therefore, the player utilises all the resources required to complete the level.

You can interact with your army and move it to the required area. At the same time, one point in him that any player of strategy games will recognise is the fog factor. Specifically, this element covers different areas and can go there perfectly. It’s risky because you don’t know there are allies or enemies behind the fog. Therefore, environmental and topographical factors should be observed before making decisions carefully.


Once you enter the level of World War II, the first thing you have to do is to handle the tasks that you have to perform. Specifically, if a level only requires destroying an enemy’s territory, you’ll need to find a way to complete it, not kill every enemy. , allowing you to exercise your tactical skills while controlling your army. You can manage your available troops and buy new ones.

When you select an army, you’ll be shown areas you can move to, and you can choose where you want it. When you get close to an enemy army, you can see how much damage you’ll deal by attacking them. Each type of unit has different traits that spend time utilising stats such as damage dealt. New types of armies you can control diversify your strategy.


In World War II, the game screen operates with a turn-based mechanic, with a maximum of 99 turns that can be created. But most of the time players choose the quick solution for the best results. You can increase your power after each turn thanks to the resources that appear when you enter a new turn. You are free to purchase new troops to add to your battles and new types of soldiers that you should not ignore, such as Air Forces, Mercenaries, and many other types of soldiers.

When leading an army, the general is always by your side, an indispensable character. They are not characters that directly participate in combat, but they bring new power to your army. In other words, if you let go of your generals, your tank can become more powerful. As such, generals also have different effects, each with their own abilities.

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