Asterix and Friends Mod Download Latest APK v3.0.5

Asterix and Friends Mod Download Latest APK vv3.0.5

February 19, 2024 GAMES
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Oct 25, 2022
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Asterix and Friends Mod Download Latest APK

Play Asterix and Friends and build your own Gaulish Village in this Asterix world. Explore the world and join forces with friends in an epic adventure. Create a powerful guild and fight against the Roman army.

Complete all the fun and challenging quests as you clear your way through Roman camps and legions to reach Egypt with characters like Asterix, Dogmatirx, Obelix and other all-new classic characters. When you rebuild your village, the villagers will return. The old man who appears is Geriatrix because they look just like the villagers in the Asterix books. He gives quests to guide you towards your goal.

In this game you are given a small, ruined village. The Romans have destroyed your village! Now you have to assemble your team and fight the Romans. First, you have to choose the villagers who will attack the Romans. The stronger the enemy, the more villagers you need to have a chance at victory. If you have a strong hero, you have a better chance of winning. You can change colleagues at any time. As you complete the next level, you will unlock new buildings and craft recipes and items with each new level. Similar game play can be achieved in Clash of Clans with more features.

Features of Asterix & Friends:

Features of Asterix & Friends include:

Building the Village in the World of Asterix:

Players can now hunt wild boards or catch the best seafood for Obelix. All you have to do is punch the enemy in the face. Gather resources like wheat, stone and wood to rebuild your village and lead Asterix to glory.

Fight against Julius Caesar and defeat the Romany army:

The game allows players to explore different potions, armour and other crafting weapons. Play the game with your favourite characters equipped with the best equipment, then train them to fight against the Roman Empire.

Do trades and battle along with your friends:

Players can join a guild or create their own guild to help their fellow Gauls fight off the invading forces. Also, enjoy taking part in fun fights within the town to gain fame and glory in the history of Gaul.

Explore the world to complete existing quests:

Complete all the numerous quests given by Asterix and his friends. Completing the request will reward you richly, join the fight for the freedom of Gaul from the invading Roman armies, and even reach new shores.

Racing to Italy and enjoying the latest Comic Release:

This new version of Asterix & Friends allows players and friends to team up with guilds or other players to complete the game in the fastest way possible. Visit some of most beautiful places in Italy. Participate in race quests to win races and receive rewards.

A game similar to Asterix and Friends is Dragon City.

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