Vivid Knight v1.3.1 APK + MOD (High Stamina, Mats Gems)

Vivid Knight MOD APK v1.3.1

Last Modified - April 23, 2024 GAMES
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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 GAMES
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(High Stamina, Mats Gems)
Feb 8, 2022
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Vivid Knight MOD APK

Vivid Knight

Vivid Knight operates new content with a theme related to the gem-finding journey of a group of friends. Their teamwork is evident when they overcome all difficulties and tribulations to the next position together. With the acquired skills, they need more gems to create new items, ready for the official reunion with the Dark Witch. However, the path to the enemy’s lair is still very far, and you will have to face the threat of giant monsters in the mining mines.


All activities that take place in Vivid Knight are in the dark. Only the places you pass through will be illuminated with lights. That’s why it’s easier for players to complete their tasks. But there will be plenty of danger waiting. One of them can be mentioned monsters guarding the gate. They block your path and prevent the player from collecting more stones. Players only have one option is to face them together.

The next operation is also only about defence in case of danger. Sudden and quick attacks can turn anyone to stone. The tremendous power the monsters possess here will scare you. Where darkness reigns, the character considered a boss would be waiting for you at the finish line. As you know on this earth, it will be a person with all the power to shake the world. Are you ready for the battle ahead?


An integral part of Vivid Knight is the gem collecting activity. You will have to do this under the supervision of the demons. They are only exposed to darkness, where you cannot see. The process of collecting gems will encounter threats and obstacles. The demons will prevent, not allow you to take away – the source of power that each stone carries can defeat any giant figure. Your inventory is right place start researching and matching stones.

Each item collected along the way contributes work of matching gems. You will also use them in the worst case scenario where you encounter a guardian. Clashes cannot take place without support equipment and accompanying energy sources. Please own a modern and powerful weapon.


The source of the stones’ power does not end with the creation of weapons; for Vivid Knight, it’s also something that helps you save your teammates. Passing wars can hurt them or be defeated by monsters. What you can do to save them is create a miracle potion from the stones. Their combination can be beneficial. However, they are hard to find and you have to sacrifice your life to get them from the enemy. This journey will only be dangerous, thrilling and full of fear. Are you ready to start it?


Vivid Knight will bring you the latest experience; the main activities are defined as finding the way, fighting and collecting gems. There are still many things waiting for you; the road is engulfed in darkness but will cause you no difficulty. If you still have teammates, companions, it will be a more exciting and meaningful journey. The world of gems will be conquered by you, move forward quickly and destroy the lair of the dreaded dark witch.


  • By creating new and exciting content, players will be involved in a unique experience related to fighting with monsters, collecting gems and understanding the meaning of love.
  • Discover the hard life of the underground depths, where you will see only the light of torches. There are many paths to the destination, and yet this process will be hindered by many static elements.
  • If you can’t complete the challenge while under the monster’s rule, your team will be downsized. A warrior’s end is to turn into gold and gems on failure.
  • Collect more gems along the way and start making connections. You’ll have to wait a bit for the official article to launch; therefore you will create them yourself.
  • Face the final boss when you’ve found your destination and are really brave enough. The stories of the enemies you encounter along the way are the most valuable lessons of your experience.

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