Heroes of Tactics v1.2.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Heroes of Tactics MOD APK v1.2.8

July 13, 2024 GAMES
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(Unlimited Money)
Sep 10, 2023
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Heroes of Tactics MOD APK

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Heroes of Tactics

A magical disaster has struck this realm (the reason and consequences of which are outlined in the first chapter of the game). His Yavor, a local sorceress and alchemist, is closely associated with this calamity.


As such, the Mairas are familiar with magic, magical beings, and supernatural forces. The inhabitants of Eritia, known as the Eritians, tell stories.

The Eritians have long fought fierce battles with monsters and nomadic hordes. No one is sure of the origin or timing of these terrifying monsters appearing in Borderlands. Invaders known as Ulue attacked distant and nearby countries before approaching Erisan.

Invaders plagued Elythea territory for a long time, but at some point their raids began to pose a greater threat. ), determined to drive them out of the Tranquil Plains and rid them of their existing territory as a result of the threat spreading globally and the surrounding lands being heavily damaged. .

For that reason, they joined forces to drive Urs out of the principality of Elitia, one by one, and drove them to the plains of the plains. Both the monsters on the battlefield and the battle itself became more and more vicious and nefarious, and there was no real plan to defeat them. At that time, the concept of building a fortress was developed with the aim of protecting a territory from large-scale enemy raids and then reclaiming the area. An army could subdue an enemy more slowly the closer it got to the frontier.


Players must choose the best tower defence strategy and build available fortifications to reflect the oncoming waves of enemies in this intriguing plot that includes over 150 missions. Players can use the additional game his interface to upgrade towers using resources only during combat. Battle weapons can be placed in areas or sites designated by the player.

Players can upgrade their weapons as well as during combat. In addition, there are tactics for out-of-combat improvements (Building Trees) and scientific research (Science Trees) for improving your combat prowess in towers.


  • A realm of imagination set in the Middle Ages
  • Over 40 different monsters in the first chapter, each with their own special skills Over 20 towers with unique upgrades
  • That give different tactical and combat advantages
  • A large number of spell systems for various combat maneuvers.
  • The multi-tiered architectural scheme of the castle, representing more than 20 different structures.
  • Over 150 research areas are available.

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