Finally Ants v2.52f1 MOD APK (Unlimited Material, Carbohydrate)

Finally Ants MOD APK v2.52f1

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 GAMES
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(Unlimited Material, Carbohydrate)
Jan 30, 2022
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Finally Ants MOD APK

Finally Ants mod
Finally, Ants gives the player an ant nest, and they are forced to expand it by directing ants with different abilities. You can send them to areas on the ground where they can collect resources, and of course there will be high drop rate locations for a particular resource. At the same time, you can also increase the number of ants by spawning and building more rooms with different characteristics.


In Finally the Ants, the player will see a colony of ants with a queen and worker ants ready to do their part to grow the nest bigger and bigger with more rooms. You may notice the limited number of rooms in the anthill, and from there you will take the first steps to maintain the activity and life of the anthill. At the same time, the experience brought to you is similar to building games, and you will need to consider many factors.

You will have two perspectives corresponding to the work you will have to do in this game. From the 2D perspective, players can learn information related to the ant nest they are managing and see areas that can be used to increase the size of the ant colony. The top-down view will help you identify areas you can mine, and each area will correspond to plenty of resources to keep the game active.


After gaining some information in Finally Ants, you will begin the early stages of development to gather the necessary resources. You will see your nest and other hex areas where you can get information about the percentage of resources the ant colony can get. Also, the amount you can send to these places will depend on your choice, so distribute the force correctly.

Although each area has a specific drop rate of a resource, it is always a safe bet for you to choose the location with the highest drop rate. You can see icons corresponding to the different locations you have conquered and complete the resource gathering process. At the same time, the selection of the site must also absolutely have precise priorities because the number of ants will be quite low in the first stages.


There are many ways to grow your ant nest in Finally Ants, and the first is to help the queen ant lay eggs. This spawn will take about two rounds, and of course it will also consume a certain amount of protein. At the same time, after egg laying is completed, you should continue to help the cubs grow into adults by providing them with enough food. Therefore, many different types of ants with the different roles may appear.

The second way to grow is that you will have to increase the size of the anthill by building other rooms. You will easily find many different rooms such as soldiers barracks, food storage and many more. At the same time, they will need to have a corresponding amount of building materials to complete the construction, and do not forget to meet the requirements that these parts need for the process to be stable.


An interesting point that any player should pay attention to is the change of weather in Finally Ants, and it will affect the lives of ants quite a bit. There will be a time bar on the screen to help you know what season it is, and when it comes to winter, you’ll have to be careful. Some places will gradually become covered in snow until the frost kills all the ants you send to search for resources. You must therefore choose the right time to remove them.

The player will take over the management of the ant nest and develop it:

  • You can control a starting number of ants and have them start moving around and gathering essential resources.
  • You will learn the location information and send the appropriate ant number to the location with high resource rate.
  • Once you have resources, especially proteins, you will increase the number of ants by spawning and feeding them.
  • There are many vacant areas that you can use to build rooms with different characteristics according to your needs.
  • You will see a time bar indicating the season of the year, and when winter arrives you will have to choose when to return the ants to the nest.

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