Tower Defense Zone 2 v1.2 MOD APK (Damage X100, Unlimited Money)

Tower Defense Zone 2 MOD APK v1.2

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Android 4.0.3
Android Android 4.0.3 GAMES
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(Damage X100, Unlimited Money)
Sep 24, 2018
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Tower Defense Zone 2 MOD APK

Tower Defense Zone 2 Mod
Tower Defense Zone 2 is a highly entertaining strategy game that will help players engage in highly flashy battles. Developed and produced by Brave star Games, it promises gamers extremely eye-catching and vivid graphics down to the smallest detail. This game is appreciated by gamers for its interesting features and unique gameplay that is different from other games of the same genre.


Tower Defense Zone 2 is set in a fantasy world where humans face off against alien invaders who are always trying to infiltrate and conquer the planet. When the human population is mobilized, they can erect walls and slay the terrifying creatures that lurk within them; Players must use sensible defensive and offensive tactical strategy to fight this evil force. The game is similar to a chess game in that the winner is the one who keeps the mindset of wanting to keep their city.

Players are equipped with soldiers just as they would in a typical battle; The player’s task is to organize the positions of the soldiers in such a way that they can keep up with the formation of alien monsters or overwhelm them. On each map, the player sees signs of the enemy’s course and the enemy’s path is determined. At the end of the road is the fortress of our army and the player’s task is to eliminate the enemy so that he can reach the castle in time.

Seasonal maps are updated regularly, and the map scene will change in response to these updates. Soldiers will be strategically placed along the enemy path by the player, and each map will have a new direction, requiring the user to take a more global perspective on military strategy and leadership. Her walking speed can be steady or twice as fast as the player chooses if the player chooses.


Players must consider whether their blood and energy are suitable for battle, and then line up the soldiers correctly. Otherwise, the player needs to upgrade their team’s weapons, the higher the weapon upgrade, the faster the enemy will be destroyed, or the player can buy more advanced weapons. The number of enemy troops will increase and increase in strength as the size increases. After each game won, the player gets the amount to upgrade his troops; The amount is displayed at the top of the screen for the player to observe.

With its eye-catching graphics and innovative gameplay, Tower Defense Zone 2 has offered players tough combat and the anxious moments that accompany real-world conflict. Due to the variety of gameplay, players must always come up with the optimal moves. The game promises to become one of the deserved games on your favorite playlist; Play the game and gain more feelings about it!


– The cards are diverse; There are many ways to help players improve their numeracy skills.
– Simple graphics catch the eye; Soldiers like a chess piece need to move the piece skillfully so that it can maximize its combat ability.
– Many about weapons and advanced weapons will be updated regularly so that players can experience all the features of the game.
– There are modes from difficult to easy for players to challenge themselves and challenge each person’s gray matter.

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