Pocket Bees Colony Simulator v0.0057 MOD APK (Worker Speed, God Mode)

Pocket Bees Colony Simulator MOD APK v0.0057

June 14, 2024 GAMES
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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 GAMES
70 MB
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(Worker Speed, God Mode)
Dec 13, 2021
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Pocket Bees Colony Simulator MOD APK

Pocket Bees Colony Simulator

Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator lets you manage and grow cute digital bee hives. Ariel Games created both Pocket Bees and Pocket Ants games.

Typical tasks of honeybees include protecting flowers from bees, collecting pollen and nectar, and converting pollen and nectar into honey, wax, and royal jelly, respectively. This is done in the same vein as waging war by catching birds, spiders and wasps. blood sports arena. Most of the loot is used in his PvP battles. Hive quality, which can be improved by gathering resources, determines your ability to summon stronger bosses and increase the stats of bosses you have already visited. It also affects your ability to improve.

Then, engage in PvP combat to harvest propolis. This resource is required to install the most powerful upgrades, making it easier for bees and other creatures to scavenge resources and join battles. The game becomes more strategic when you play against level opponents. This section of the Pocket Bees Beginner’s Guide will focus on the first few more difficult games. The player-versus-player matchmaking system does not distinguish between novices and experienced players. If you choose to fight the tutorial NPC Noel, she may bring a level 3 team with you. Accumulating enough resources to purchase your first foraging upgrade will take some time and a small number of bees. This is necessary before investing in improving hive. Without this upgrade, we can’t invest in improving Hive. I think that’s enough to get you past the early stages of the game and into the stage of creating wax for your creatures.

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