Love Sick v1.111.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Keys)

Love Sick MOD APK v1.111.0

July 10, 2024 GAMES
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(Unlimited Money, Keys)
Jun 5, 2024
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Love Sick MOD APK

Love Sick

Love Sick creates a romantic love story of the main character that belongs to you. The virtual world is full of fantasy elements that will help you write your story in a unique way. Meetings, emergencies or any event can confuse you. So having a beautiful face or perfect style will help you attract more audience. This is a private life; You’ll be in control when Valentine’s Edition comes out!


In order to join the exciting game that Love Sick creates, players need to create the perfect character for themselves. This would be your ideal type. After changing the style, you need to define the fixed style. This will be your constant choice for future meetings. This is reflected in actions and relationships. The right clothes will make you more attractive in the eyes of other people.

Flirting skills are also an important factor that can help you quickly defeat your opponent. If you come across topics that make you feel happy, get passionate about them right away and don’t make things difficult. How will the story dialogues change if you edit them to your liking? Your attitude determines the final result.

Love Sick Apk


Most of the activities in Love Sick are focused on dating and relationships. Encounters allow you to learn a variety of information about your match. The main characters are communicated through actions and words, and the players are easier to choose. An object makes you feel happy when it is with you. However, unexpected circumstances can change the situation dramatically.

The difficulty of the game lies in the unexpected situations that will hinder you. If their subject or past is revealed, it will be difficult for any player to believe the truth. In order to stay calm in front of them, it is important to meet more and play the role of master during participation. Does the person on your dating list match your ideal type? What makes you tick? When this action begins, all mysteries are solved!


In addition to creating more opportunities for everyone to create their own characters and explore Love Sick as the main character, the system allows you to choose any story. These stories feature a variety of content and hundreds of troubling situations, mostly based on familiar content. However, the appeal of this series is that you can play the lead role and do well.

Major events you may see include student life, discovery efforts, or the marriage of rich people. The most typical is still the content of love between vampires and students in centralized schools. For stories about married life, the system makes them sad because of unexpected circumstances.


Love Sick creates the best opportunities for players to shine and be creative. The special event that the system offers you will always bring a new and exciting feeling. Many difficult situations require a common conclusion. However, you can only enjoy happiness or endure defeat when these stories are over. There are many more opportunities ahead, and the story stops only when you succeed. Enjoy the sweet and romantic time we built.


  • Solve emotional problems between multiple people, create role-playing games and complete fun pairing tasks. Players experience different emotions and have their own relationships.
  • Create an image of a girl in different styles. Usually personality, soft, hard or soft and style determines your acquaintance.
  • Complete the task set by the system with meaningful activities such as meeting, chatting and sharing past memories. You have plenty of time to do them.
  • View events suggested by the system. Plus, you get to know how they feel when they actually participate and finish that famous event.
  • Get more when your relationship is good; As you learn and pair successfully, important actions are taken.
  • What happened will be recorded and preserved in history.

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