Fictions: Choose Your Emotions v5.2.2 MOD APK (Free Premium Choice)

Fictions: Choose Your Emotions MOD APK v5.2.2

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MOD APK (Free Premium Choice)
Jul 14, 2022
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Fictions: Choose Your Emotions MOD APK

Fictions Choose Your Emotions

This is one of the most popular simulation games in the new exploration theme. Fantasy this time allows you to live your dream with your hobby. This game respects each of your personal goals, opinions, and you have the right to choose your own story. Everyone decides everyone’s life and this game is based on that. Discover and feel this uniqueness, choose a better life for yourself.


When did you find piece of your life? Do you have the intention to burn with your passion? These are questions that constantly arise in modern life. Fiction gives you plenty of topics to choose from and continue your conversation with. To complete this series, continue to write about my life based on my own experiences and set your next bold intentions.

Based on the collection of the best stories in the world, you choose a series for yourself. Creating some funny situations, for example, is one of the fun things. The best part is that the story remains in your orbit and you can spin it as you wish. But there are several side situations that can lead to getting lost in the various game play that add to the uniqueness of the game.

Fictions Choose Your Emotions free


The interesting thing this time in fiction is to keep the right sequence of emotions, to develop your own story. The game shows his originality in life and also recreates the story of his life. Immerse yourself in your own story, perhaps being happy with someone you love or going through important life events. The game takes you from personal adventures to the experience that the game offers.

Each case of recurrence comes gradually and you have to face the events themselves because this is your own life. After all, the game is like a stepping stone to create stories in your life, to train yourself to be as smart as possible. Maybe the game will build on this and give you some useful tips.


The game uses many unique stories and novels from around the world, with many different developments allowing players to experience the whole thing. In addition, the game uses many unique characters, unique external images that reflect the nature of the event. You control your own story, keep writing the next stories.

Many different characters are also chosen by you and have a specific role. Each character contributes to making your story unique and compelling. You can also create your own interesting and romantic stories with the great suggestions of Fictions game.

Here at Fictions, the game has given you the opportunity to express your own story. The special thing is that from the stories of others, you become an expression of your own story. From there, you write your own story. You become immersed in events and change in every way of thinking. The game has other unique features that make it even more unique and creative.

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