PetrolHead v5.4.0 MOD APK + OBB (Unlimited Money)

PetrolHead MOD APK v5.4.0

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 GAMES
1.13 GB
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(Unlimited Money)
Dec 12, 2022
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PetrolHead MOD APK


The ability of PetrolHead MOD APK to ask the same interest from start to finish is fantastic. One of the differences that most people have now is money. Money is still an integral part of any person. We can only buy an item if we have money in the life we ​​live. If he doesn’t have money, we can’t buy anything. You can buy a car with money. We can play online by adding friends. When we watch this car game, the thought that we need to play comes to our mind. The ability of each car to give a beautiful look is simply fantastic. The upgrade area in this game mode is also excellent. We can make the best amount of paint for our car. It also has parking. Mode There are many paths in this game. We must choose which way we like


PetrolHead MOD APK game mode refers to how we play the game. Before leaving, we will see a set of trailers on how to play this game. After watching this trailer version, we had an idea. The nature of the game is primarily in this. Let’s move on to this game in planned theory. During the game, the thought arises in our head that we are playing a game. Gold coins and money are notable devices in the game. If we want to buy our favorite car, we can save money and find out the price of that car. Let friends play this game together. Only with interest, determination, craftsmanship and appearance can this car succeed in overcoming the path. We can set car color and change it in different ways.

PetrolHead Apk

Play with friends online

PetrolHead MOD APK where playing with friends online means we can play together with our favorite friends in the game. This means that friends who play with us are not required to play directly from our room. We get the best experience when we play with friends. We can learn many meanings in life full of experiences. A kind of camera is a camera that shows us if we know any images of beautiful scenes in the distance while we are moving. There are four types of cameras installed in this game. Each camera shows any scene before our eyes. Another camera shows who is following us. Then the camera type will show the space in the side area. This game is similar to how we like to play the game with friends in real life. Together with beloved friends.


PetrolHead MOD APK can make various modifications to the car through customization. Workshop, painting, skin-tight and customization oddities. Any comfort in the car can be done with all the above applications. Using the workshop If the car we use has any problems and fixes, we can replace it using the workshop section. If the defect is smaller with the speed of the cart, we can change it and convert it to a high speed application, and we can control the cart. The paint comes in different colors when we use this application. We can choose which color suits our car and match it to the car. Usually we rejoice when colors are told to us. Color is feast for the eyes of the beholder. There will be many colors in this setting. Black, red, yellow, long, pink, white.

PetrolHead Mod


The use of the term “career” in the PetrolHead MOD APK demonstrates its uniqueness in the mass categories. This means that its parking is 36%. The next step is the 12% time attack mode. Moreover, it is 80% of the day. Last night 100%. We need a forecast of where to park when buying a cart. You can only drive if the parking is very safe. One of the main requirements in this game is parking. This game is a testament to our users’ ability to meet all of these needs when needs are high. The amount of time it takes to run is equal to how far we will travel in the cart. We can easily win the competition only if we get to where we want to be in the allotted time. To win the tournament, you must put all your effort into the game. We need total surrender when we do something, and only then this action will be successful. On the way to the street, attractive buildings and hotels will come across. There are as many courses in this as there are houses in the real world.


In PetrolHead MOD APK you can update the area to see if the engines in our car are working properly. This application is an integral part of fixing various types of problems such as alignment and updating if the machine has any problems. In order to use this upgrade, we need to work with either gold coins or money as a tool. We can only repair our machine if we invest in one of these two. This utility will adjust the cart speed if the capacity is too low. All applications of this cart are under our control. Not all products we use today are long lasting. Someone just out of trouble. The same applies to machines, the parts of which are often damaged. We can see which parts of the car are damaged and terrible and can be repaired.

Legendary cars

Gasoline Head There are many types of cars in the area called legendary cars. All these cars have a lot of cars with bright colorful design. We can use this car in the game by choosing what reason we like about this car. Bugatti, Porsche, Lincoln, ford gt40, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, McLaren, Citroen, Ford Everest, Ford Figo, Skoda Octavia, Suzuki Ertiga, Honda hit Suzuki Ciaz and Honda City. There are a lot of such cars. In it, we have to choose which car we like best and run it in the game. Each depends on each price. You can see how much money you have and buy the right car. If you have very little money, you can buy a cart suitable for him. Otherwise, if you have too much money, you can buy the car you want. All the cars in the car are very nicely decorated. The thought of buying any cart is spinning in our head. That’s why you buy your favorite car and enjoy the game.

PetrolHead mod Apk

Extraordinary graphics

PetrolHead MOD APK has a unique graphics system. Everyone knows that this app is better than all other apps in this game. This app has a great look and feel that grabs the attention of the beholder. Cars and their color palette play an important role. When a person uses this application, they have many thoughts and questions. The structure is incredible. Our users created and created this work as if we were seeing something imaginary. People from all walks of life, from children to adults, will love this game. The nature of the game is no less colorful. No restrictions, only adults can play. Children can also play this game further. Buildings and cities along the way have been created with a realistic look so that they can be seen along the way. Graphics, used in this game is fantastic as it looks more than natural. So you can download this game from google play store and enjoy the game.


All in all, we have covered all the detailed information about PetrolHead MOD APK. This is an addictive racing game available on Android. Let’s start the race without any restrictions. It’s a joy to drive on the roads without complaints. Race faster and beat your rivals in every race. In original version of the game, you only have a limited amount of money. Use our MOD version to get unlimited free. Download the latest MOD for Android from the available links below the article.

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