LOST in Blue v1.166.0 MOD APK (Map Speed)

LOST in Blue MOD APK v1.166.0

Last Modified - April 23, 2024 Adventure
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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Adventure
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Dec 20, 2022
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LOST in Blue


In the game arsenal there are games that define many niches of various realistic categories. Therefore, you need to choose some of the best in order to invest your time wisely without any hindrance. A completely new phenomenon, corresponding to the level of expectations of thinking. So here we are with some of the best unrated game play features that offer unique advanced features to explore. Lost in Blue Mod Apk has many benefits that cannot be explored in any other game play because it is designed with the most amazing phenomena and variables in mind. In the game play, you will encounter a plane crash and be thrown onto an island that will be very lonely as everyone else died and that is why you survived and for that you need to behave well and also explore the simulation.

Now factors come into play when you get stuck and in order to live well you need to organise all the resources like water, food, shelter etc. You also have to find different ways to deal with things in your path like finding resources on island, food in the beach area, seafood, cooking, lifestyle, hunting, creating shelter-like housing. You will find many resources on the island where many treasures are hidden. Lost ships, crashed planes, forbidden temples and much more, where you can find many resources for life and survival. Craft deadly weapons and tools using multiple resources to deal with enemies in many forms such as wild animals, hunters, zombies, mummies, monsters and more. In this multiplayer, many opponents will create battles and must understand the fights.

Lost in Blue Mod Apk

Lost in Blue Mod Apk is an alternative and modified version of the original one available here on our website. To download and enjoy advanced features and game play benefits. We have unlocked all the premium features and features in the game that provide an enhanced gaming experience. At the same time with unlimited money and coins to upgrade all the variables in the game play, enhance the skills and strength of the character. Free shopping is also included, so users can use and buy any equipment and tools to solve the game’s difficulty level, as well as unlock all advanced levels with unlimited money. We have also integrated an ad blocking policy into the game play which automatically removes ads from the game.

LOST in Blue free

Astonishing Features

Realistic approach of the outlook simulation

The simulation apk of the Lost in Blue mod deserves attention and should be referred to this because of every element of the characters and different environment ecosystem. seems big enough to handle things in a great manner. The beauty is such that it captures the heart and makes you stay even longer on an abandoned island.

Be a survivor

You have to deal with various survival abilities and skills to ensure your life on an island that is full of obstacles that can take your life. Work to ensure that each action leads to the location of resources, and also helps you survive. Come up with various creative things to help you on your quest as you also want to get out of it so you can make a defence and also help the towers to help.

Sticky story line to explore

The character or you in Lost in Blue mod apk offers a great and very interesting story line. In the game, you will find yourself on an abandoned island as a survivor of a plane crash. Now, in order to provide you with more survival on the deadly island, you must organise various resources to help you live and deal with the danger.

LOST in Blue apk

Craft weapons to save yourself

You, being on the island, have to work on the arrangement of many resources that stabilise life. So, in addition to the customer, you have to craft different tools and weapons using placed resources from many forbidden places. As you have to make up proper defence so that you can fight enemies in flashy enemies game play.

Arrange resources for survival

In Lost in Blue mod apk, try to organise various resources like food, seafood, water and other health essentials to stay alive. Build your perfect and secure hideout with the many resources available in the island world. Craft weapons and tools to deal with the danger from many types of enemies.

LOST in Blue mod

Enemies to deal with

In Lost in Blue mod apk you will have to deal with a lot of enemies, ensuring that you develop the perfect tools to kill them. In game play, enemies will appear in many forms such as wild animals, monsters, zombies, ghosts, mutants, mummies, and more. Even other opponents will create battles to gain control of the sea and its resources, so fight them using your skills and weapons.

Multiplayer online availability

Game play Lost in blue mod apk comes with multiplier online accessibility where all players from all over the world will come and interact with you in many forms such as allies or opponents. Battles will begin against each other for control of the sea, because everyone must control it for the sake of resources.

LOST in Blue free apk


Download the Lost in Blue mod apk to enjoy the abandoned island survival life with many activities integrated into the same as you can use different possibilities to organise resources and create things to ensure your survival. In this modified version, you will enjoy unlocked premium features and functions, as well as unlimited money to upgrade tools, features and skills to their potential. Free shopping, no ads, rooting and other additional benefits make the game play very interesting.

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