Kingdom Rush v6.1.24 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu)

Kingdom Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu) v6.1.24

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(Unlimited Money, Menu)
Oct 26, 2022
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Kingdom Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu)

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defence game where you face legions of monsters constantly trying to attack your land. Use towers to fend off invasions and upgrade them for greater destructive power. At the same time, heroes and support skills will save you in difficult times.


The new version of Kingdom Rush is notable for the appearance of an old heroic Tenshi, and of course there is also information about him. Its attack status has reached its limit, and of course the exciting point is its tough form. Specifically, after being hit a certain number of times, it becomes more muscular than its original form and hits more enemies.


In Kingdom Rush, you’ll find towers with completely different levels of defence as you face ever-increasing waves of enemies. Try to defeat them with towers you can build. As such, it doesn’t pass through enemies and maintains a constant amount of HP. If the enemy breaks through your defences and your attacks drain your health to zero, you lose. Therefore, you should always monitor your levels.

At the start of the game there are 4 towers with 3 attacking towers and 1 defending tower. Tower Defence lets you summon an army to attack and stop your enemies from reaching key locations. Additionally, each attack-oriented tower usually has additional damage and rate of fire to consider. This is because during the time between the two shots, the enemy can take advantage of it to get out of the attack.


When experiencing Kingdom Rush, you will definitely receive many supporting elements that cannot be ignored. The first element to mention is that the heroes support you and each have impressive powers that you can utilise for your tactics. There are also supporting skills such as Call Reinforcement and Rain of Fire.

With your main force, it will be difficult to face a powerful enemy. So, after completing a certain number of levels, you will unlock tower upgrades to level 3 and you will be able to choose which tower to reach that level. Of course, the battle costs money to defeat the enemies that appear. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the strength of the tower, and the information of the enemy will be updated to increase the power efficiently.

Each level has casual, normal, and veteran difficulty levels to choose from and try to earn the maximum number of stars. The number of stars is a resource for upgrading passive skills, which have specific effects on game play and towers. That’s also what motivates you to complete the levels in the best possible way.

Challenging matches of varying difficulty attract players:

  • Engage in battles where waves of monsters move with ever increasing strength.
  • Different towers can be used to set up strong defences to prevent monsters from getting through.
  • Upgrade your tower to new levels and use your hero’s powers correctly to easily defeat your enemies.
  • The results of the passed stages give access to towers and impressive skills that support the game play.
  • New versions of the game have new heroes. Don’t judge his strength by his appearance.

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