Clash Mini v1.2300.5 MOD APK (Latest)

Clash Mini MOD APK v1.2300.5

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Nov 23, 2022
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Clash Mini MOD APK

Clash Mini is a strategy game set in the Clash Royale universe. This mini mobile game features a map made up of tiles on which you can place your units. When the match starts, your opponent’s armies appear to face off against yours until only one side wins.

Collect, summon and upgrade an army of Minis in this exciting real-time auto-battle game. Click on specific map tiles to deploy soldiers and unleash your fury on enemy defences and barriers.

Clash Mini Story line

Unlike Parent Clash Royale, the game doesn’t have a story, so it’s more of a plot less mobile battle arena. Casual progression will have you fighting others for a chance to dominate the leader boards.

And to level up your cards, you need to place treasures and open chests regularly to get currency to build defences and build powerful armies.

When you launch Clash Mini, a short introduction is displayed. Instructions must be followed during and after competition. This game is easy to learn and not too difficult.

During the tutorial, you will need to choose your main hero. Each one has different abilities, so read the details and choose carefully. Opportunities to unlock and select new heroes will appear after some game play, so you won’t stick with them for too long.

Clash Mini is played in a turn-based manner like Team fight Tactics. Use your mana points at your disposal to place units from your deck on a chessboard that shapes the terrain, then leave them to watch the battle.

Minions or troops join the battle alongside the hero. They also have certain abilities, but there is a limit to how many people you can have with you. A small blue bar appears below each unit’s health meter.

Clash Mini has two game modes. First, there are Rumble and Dual modes. In Rumble, you battle opponents in a tournament environment where the winner continues to fight other players until you reach the semifinals and finals.

Duel mode is a 1 v 1 match over 3-5 rounds to see who the ultimate winner is. You can easily download the Clash mini game by clicking download button above. Don’t forget to rate and review the game.

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