Fluvsies v1.0.954 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Fluvsies MOD APK v1.0.954

Last Modified - May 8, 2024 Educational
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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Educational
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(Unlimited Money)
Dec 13, 2022
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Fluvsies MOD APK


Fluvsies lets you meet your friends with a cute look with a variety of patterns you can explore. You will see them hatch and take care of them until they reach the right state. In addition, there are various activities that you can freely choose to join your little friends, and beautiful clothes and accessories await.


When you experience Fluvsies, you will appear in a world full of cuteness from monsters with soft fur and attractive looks. You will be the one who takes care of these little friends and takes care of their moods. Also, since these are unique species, they will have slightly different characteristics than normal animals, and you will take the time to study their behaviour in their existing home.

Players will find a 2D environment where they can interact with game’s cute friends. You can see their mood and move them to any location similar to other pet care games. In addition, new furniture will appear over time and you will see that your monsters can do more. So obviously you don’t want to take your eyes off them.

Fluvsies mod


In the Fluvsies level, you will see a colourful egg appear and it is your responsibility to break its outer shell. If successful, you’ll see a small monster spawn and still immature. You give him milk and wait a few seconds; You will get a cute friend who can do different things. In addition, the furniture will always appear before your eyes.

Any monster will have certain moods and actions than inactive characters. This way you can watch and watch them move or play with them if you prefer. In particular, they can be taken to various furniture such as wooden horses, bouncy chairs and many other items. You will see different actions they can do and of course there will be fun mini-games in the game.

In addition to the normal operation of the game, you can find several mini-games in which you can collect a certain amount of coins. In particular, there will be many mini-games to choose from and you will quickly understand their rules. You can easily help the character to reach the end by jumping on different steps or find a white drawing and add different colours.



The number of monsters you can breed in Fluvsies is completely variable, as there are many ways to discover new friends, one of which is through gene fusion. At the beginning of the level, you’ll find a gene-matching machine that requires the presence of two monsters. You need to put them in two different positions, and after a few seconds a new egg will appear. Then you continue the maintenance work until it matures.

The motivation to participate in in-game activities and earn more gold coins are items they can buy. The number of costumes and accessories in the game is different, so you can find options that you like. Plus, there’s nothing better than seeing how cute your little ones look by getting the right clothes and accessories.

Fluvsies free

Players can’t take their eyes off the charming world that the game brings:

  • Cute looking monsters will appear and you will take care of them and play with them to unlock interesting activities.
  • They emerge as fruit, grow into their newborn form, and receive milk to get the right shape for moving and playing.
  • There is always new furniture that your little friend can use and have fun with; A different number of mini games will help you get a lot of coins.
  • The Gene Matching Machine is used to find a new friend while combining the characteristics of any two monsters to unlock a new monster.
  • The player can buy a lot of accessories and costumes, and you spend your time earning coins and watching cute monsters transform.

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