FIVE Esports Manager v1.0.30 MOD APK (Latest)

FIVE Esports Manager MOD APK v1.0.30

July 23, 2024 GAMES
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Aug 21, 2023
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FIVE Esports Manager MOD APK

FIVE Esports Manager

FIVE helps you experience the work of an ESports coach and manage your team. The Esports industry is growing and there are many tournaments going on, so as a coach you need to help your team win. there is.


Many people think of soccer, baseball, and basketball when they think of sports, but few people know about Esports. In recent years, e-sports have become popular, attracting many players and creating new industries. Besides teammates, the most important person for an Esports player is the coach. And you will have a huge responsibility to lead the team even more.

A coach’s job is never easy as he is responsible for guiding the game and analysing the skills of each player. Not only that, but you also need to regularly adjust the atmosphere within your team so that gamer are always in top form. Most importantly, it is still important to always pay attention to the health and mental state of gamer. Don’t leave anyone on the team because he’s the only one on the team. Your entire team cannot successfully complete a match.


Every sport needs modern equipment to actually serve players and athletes. It’s the same as FIVE because gamer get better when they play and practice in a more professional environment. At first, the team will only practice in a relatively small room, and the equipment is still too weak. After a while, however, the competition yields profits that can be used to upgrade the gamer’s equipment and facilities.

As an Esports computer is the most important and essential specific device you need to invest carefully. You buy machines with exemplary configurations and components like headphones, mechanical keyboards and mice for gamer. Depending on the amount of money you have, you can expand the game room to have more space and give gamer a more comfortable feeling.


Games organised to compete are usually shooters, so they require a lot of skill of the gamer. However, many good guns can also be equipped with his skins to help gamer shine more and show their superior skills. Gun skins are useless in combat, but they make opponents jealous. Beautiful skins also help gamer increase their excitement as they participate in intense battles.

FIVE offers many skins that can be obtained as rewards after completing quests or winning each match. For more expensive skins, you have to buy them or spend money to use rare skins. Can only be received at special events. If you’re going to invest a lot in purchasing skins, it’s the right decision and you won’t regret it.


Although there are many gamer on the team, there are only 5 in the competition and you have to choose carefully to have a chance of winning. Every gamer is rigorously trained to be ready for every match and needs a strategy to get the best players onto their team. The rest of the gamer will be in reserve positions to support the key players in case of the most emergency.

Other players are entertained while gamer complete or participate in major tournaments. Some of the entertainment they can do is live streaming to play games on platforms and websites like Twitch and HLTV. This allows your team to attract and support a large number of fans and generate a small income.


  • The game is built in a tactical genre that allows players to maximise their system management capabilities.
  • The main task that the game imposes on all these players is to create his dream Esports team for themselves.
  • Start as an amateur and grow your team to become champions with the perfect sports plan.
  • In addition, we will develop the team’s training and competition facilities so that they can compete for the highest honours.
  • Participate in the most exciting games indirectly in organised professional tournaments.

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