Age of History II MOD APK v1.25 (Unlimited Money)

Age of History II MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.25

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Nov 3, 2022
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Age of History II MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Age of History II

Have you ever thought about controlling war? Age of History II allows players to use the game’s map to manipulate soldiers into war. Players must combine many elements such as maps, plans, and soldiers in order to win the extremely intense war. Publisher Łukasz Jakowski promises to bring lovers of his genre the most interesting missions for strategy games on the market.


At the start of Age of History II, attendees will be amazed by the display on their device screen of a world map with many highly accurate historical boundaries. That’s the key point of this game, players use maps while participating in the game. The world map brings great meaning to the participants when performing the task. Especially the in-game map is elaborately sculpted down to the smallest detail.

It aims not only to enable players to perform tasks, but also to provide knowledge of the world’s geography to a large number of participants. Regardless of the mission, players must also refer to the map to locate enemy locations and plan rational attacks. Using bright, eye-catching colours is the publisher’s way of artfully portraying her image. By observing the map, players can easily control their troops and make perfect plans.


The best thing about a typical strategy game is giving players accurate information, and Age of History II does just that. When it comes to games, participants are most satisfied with the publisher’s information being too clear and accurate. When engaging in missions, players don’t have to guess about the information they care about, they just observe it on the screen. A prime example is observing through a screen the countries participating in a world war at one point in time. Information such as country names, flags and number of soldiers are displayed on the screen of the device in a very intuitive way. In addition, the game system also creates a statistical table on how many soldiers were killed and how many remain, making it easy to build tactics.


Controlling and winning a war is not easy. But it’s also a cool new challenge for those who love the mission the game brings. Age of History II offers the opportunity to create international military plans, with player control affecting the state of the entire world. A world of peace or a world of endless bloodshed depends on how the player chooses in the mission struggle. Players will learn about hundreds of years of human history along with the development of many explosive events around the world.

As each era begins, important events explode, requiring the player’s determination to stop evil and create a peaceful world. Participants must use wise and intelligent diplomacy to resolve conflicts occurring in countries around the world.


When entering the game, the ultimate goal of the player is to create a unified world order. Every country in world enjoys peace, prosperity and happiness. But is it easy to achieve? Definitely not, as this is a large-scale international war and participants must use smart policies to complete tasks. You must do everything in your power to overthrow a faction with a dark purpose to think and cause chaos.

Players can present important documents such as peace treaties gain agreements stop sabotage and wars around world. Players receive a wealth of knowledge from many civilisations and valuable historical knowledge around the world.

Join Age of History II and use your tactical skills to plan and win a world war. Players gain advantageous practical knowledge in military affairs, diplomacy, history and geography knowledge. Players will need combat skills and soldier handling to fight with the help of a world map. Making changes to the game creates novel stories and interesting results within the game.

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