Dawnblade v1.3.3 MOD APK + OBB (Menu: God Mode, Damage Money)

Dawnblade MOD APK v1.3.3

May 18, 2024 GAMES
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Android 8.0
Android Android 8.0 GAMES
500 MB
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(Menu: God Mode, Damage Money)
Apr 5, 2024
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Dawnblade MOD APK


If you’re looking for an action role-playing game to entertain you after a long tiring day, Dawnblade is a great choice. Engaging game play combined with beautiful graphics promises to bring you experiences that can only be found in this game. Become a brave warrior and engage in battle with ferocious monsters in search of rare and long-lost treasure.


Dawnblade is set when magic is almost everywhere in the world, leading to a power struggle between nations. There will be people around who dare to fight for good. You will become one of those powerful warriors and protect your innocent people.

A legendary treasure known as the Dawn Blade is rumoured to be located in mysterious lands long lost and untrodden. It will be the only thing that will help you gain unlimited power to fight against the evil. However, monsters will appear on the way and you must use all your skills to destroy them.

Dawnblade free mod


Unlike other games, Dawnblade is very fast paced and can take you by surprise from the moment you first enter the fray. But don’t worry too much because you can become a professional player in no time. You need to be very good at managing so that the hero can easily escape from the attacks of monsters.

Dawnblade free apk

In particular, the game divides the character into three different roles: mage, swordsman, and gunner. Each role has a unique skill and fighting style, so you should choose according to your abilities. You use each character’s available skill sets and combine them to create powerful combos to increase damage when you hit enemies.

Dawnblade mod


Later on, the difficulty of the game increases, so you also have to upgrade your character to adapt to the harsh environment. Upgrading your character will help you advance your strengths as well as boost stats like defence or attack. Any RPG fighting game is essential for the equipment that comes with the character, as it makes your battles easier.

Dawnblade apk

Not only the support of the equipment, but also the companions, which are of great help in the battle with monsters. Companions here will be solid form pets and help deal more damage to the opponent. You defeat them through battles and bring a maximum of 2 pets to support you in each match.

Dawnblade free


  • The game with game play is made in the genre of role-playing action, with a high appeal suitable for leisure time.
  • The most important final task of the game is to find a treasure that has been lost for many years.
  • The only way to reach the goal is to win a very dramatic monster battle.
  • Many powerful fighters with the most versatile skills are used in the game in a very attractive way.
  • The graphics are designed in a beautiful fighting style that promises to bring you the best visual experience.

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