Tap Titans 2 v6.10.1 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money, VIP)

Tap Titans 2 MOD APK v6.10.1

May 17, 2024 GAMES
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Android 5.0
Android Android 5.0 GAMES
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(Mega Menu, Unlimited Money, VIP)
Dec 14, 2022
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Tap Titans 2 MOD APK

Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 is a tap-based game where players can perform Swordsman attacks and destroy titans. You can easily access the mechanics of this game and go through different levels to collect resources. In addition, there are many factors that determine the strength of your character, which can not focus too much on one thing. This way, you can take part in more challenging game modes if you are confident in your attack.


The story of Tap Titans 2 opens when you see a giant black titan fighting with other heroes. But the resistance of these heroes did not last long, because soon they were attacked by a black titan, and a nearby building collapsed. It’s not the end of humanity when you have a Swordsman who becomes an enemy of the Titans, but you go on a long journey with the hero.

The game is set in a 2D world and is split screen. At the top it is a screen where the player fights against powerful titans and you try to help them against them. At the bottom, these are upgraded features that use money to unlock. It can be said that this is an approachable gameplay, and players choose their own way of developing their characters.


In Tap Titans 2, the main task that players have to do is to defeat the titans with terrifying scenes using Sword Master slashes. You don’t need to worry too much about factors like character movement, as your character just stands in front of the titans and swings his sword at them. Therefore, you need to touch the screen as much as possible so that diagonal lines are created and over time the titan will fall with the same amount of gold coins.

You attack your enemies quickly and there is no pause between two opponents. When you reach a certain stage, the environment changes and this means that you will attack enemies and sometimes stop choosing the right upgrade item. In addition, you don’t have to worry about being attacked because you can recruit other fighters to your team. These characters are as powerful as you to upgrade the main character because they attack automatically.

Apart from the main game that you play to increase your power, you will find other interesting game modes that you cannot ignore. Tournaments mode is where players consolidate their positions and help earn impressive prizes, including pets. For raid mode, you get a raid ticket so you can join a clan and attack a giant titan with a lot of health.


The power of the main character in Tap Titans 2 increases over time under the influence of various factors. As you level up, you can increase your attack power and unlock your character’s active skills. In addition, the characters you recruit can also level up, so that the strength of the team can be balanced. Some equipment will be removed during battle to equip the character and pets as partners while supporting the attack and adding some passive effects.


  • Enjoy a completely free RPG experience offline and on the go.
  • Tap to destroy +150 new giants in 14 beautiful hand-drawn worlds.
  • Recruit heroes and loyal pets to help you survive the massive onslaught.
  • Unlock special abilities to help you fight creatures more effectively.
  • Gain reputation and cash with your achievements for powerful antiques that will allow you to become more powerful.
  • Collect items to customize your hero’s sword and armor to suit your play style.
  • Create or join clans to fight against the great titan rulers in multiplayer mode.
  • Choose scenic routes to earn rewards and rare items during seasonal events.
  • Compete with players from all over the world to show off your skills in global tournaments and win great prizes.

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