Xenowerk Tactics 1.2.9 MOD APK + OBB (Full Game Unlocked)

Xenowerk Tactics MOD APK v1.2.9

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Android 7.0
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(MOD, Full Game Unlocked)
Dec 27, 2021
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Xenowerk Tactics MOD APK

Xenowerk Tactics Mod
Xenowerk Tactics is the first choice for you in offline strategy game theme. In this game, you transform into the leader of a certain emergency army with a mission to entertain the army and save the world from a mutant cataclysm created by a lab. Maintaining bases and following the orders of the Xenowerk Corporation, exploring the arctic jungle and confronting mutant beasts are things you must face. Can you become a talented leader and save the world from being devastated by a series of mutant monsters?


At the beginning of the game, a map of the regions of the Arctic appears as a scene. Due to the accident at the Xenowerk Corporation lab, the surrounding creatures were infected with a virus that made them large and powerful. The rate of propagation is breakneck, so there aren’t many safe areas. The player has to explore each area and save the mutated areas – the infected area.

Successfully exploring and rescuing all areas on the map means you have completed the mission and successfully destroyed all variable creatures.


Many mutant monsters appear in dangerous areas. You can use many methods to destroy them like Frag Grenade, Bait & Trap, Adrenaline, Pyrokinesis, etc. The deeper you go into infected areas, the more complex the monsters will be to destroy. So could you use strategies to defeat them? Players can end the battle to buy more equipment or develop a battle strategy.

Xenowerk Tactics is a single player strategy game. So you have all activities under control. In a real army of monsters, the player must determine the position and strategy and choose the appropriate weapon. Please pay attention to your formation and weapon as this is the key to killing monsters fast. Each time you defeat a monster, you earn bonus points that can be exchanged for weapons and valuable items in the game’s shop.


Aside from commanding the actual battle, the player in Xenowerk Tactics will also be the barracks manager. This includes judicious spending on the military, working with scientists to find drugs to kill the mutagenic virus, and marines. In addition, as you level up, you can open up many other features such as: B. field hospitals, personnel recruitment, upgrading and improvement of equipment and facilities. All of these things can help you win this game quickly. But beware, it can also be a double-edged sword. Designing it wrong will generate more mutations.


The player can obtain items by shooting the monster or by purchasing them from the store. You will occasionally receive side quests from the Xenowerk Corporation. Complete them and you will get many attractive items. Items can also be upgraded and upgraded through your Base of Operations and use them accordingly to get the best results.

Are you ready to become the leader of a certain army and start the fight to save the world from the mutant cataclysm? Try Xenowerk Tactics now!

  • 1-player strategy game: both real combat and barracks management.
  • Organize expeditions and defeat monsters in infected areas as dictated by the map
  • Observe formation, upgrade weapons to defeat mutated monsters. Click here to stop the actual battle, buy more gear, or edit the battle plan.
  • Manage barracks and upgrade equipment and facilities to upgrade items and earn profits for Xenowerk
  • Corporation Complete offline missions of Xenowerk Corporation to get many attractive items

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