Words of Wonders: Crossword v4.5.18 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond, Pro Version)

Words of Wonders Crossword MOD APK v4.5.18

March 24, 2024 GAMES
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Android Android 7.0 GAMES
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(Unlimited Diamond, Pro Version)
Jan 13, 2023
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Words of Wonders Crossword MOD APK

Words of Wonders Crossword

The game begins with basic hints; See if you have the vocabulary knowledge to give the correct crossword puzzle results. Words of Wonders offers you many significant puzzle challenges with different levels of difficulty. Players will travel the world taking on challenges while solving challenging puzzles. Every time you complete the crosswords with the correct results, you get rewards again and open new levels.


It’s not regular puzzle game; Solving all puzzles in Words of Wonders requires extreme patience. Not everyone solves all puzzles, but over time difficulty of questions usually increases after each round. In game, many surprises, surprises and mysterious words have never been solved will bring many surprises. Are you sure you will solve all words without any help?


Are you confident you can understand all the clues and solve all words in Words Wonders? Can you solve all puzzles seamlessly? Maybe it’s the first time you know. Your vocabulary can further enlightened by questions we ask. Use positive intelligence for spectacular win on trivia questions.


Similar to number game, in this game the player does not have find lost numbers in each level, but hidden letters. In return you get lot of positive things, more than just entertainment in game, that his vocabulary understanding is improved a notch higher. You must master puzzle-solving skills while remembering previous secrets and using them complete the following levels.


Not only is it puzzle game, but Words of Wonders also gives lot of fun as an adventure trip around world. Enjoy joy never comes twice, travel and discover seven famous wonders of the world. But not for fun, but for journey solve puzzles and complete letters about this miracle. When journey ends, your wisdom will also greatly expanded along with knowledge gained.


In fact, you will face many difficulties solving puzzles in game. The journey pinnacle of glory must have many obstacles to test your strength and intelligence. Try to solve all puzzles without using any data or clues. Save clue items to use in more difficult levels as the difficulty of each level increases as you pass the previous mission.


The fun is greatly increased when you complete challenge with friends. Join your friends in multiplayer mode and complete the whole challenge. With help of friends, solving puzzles is no longer difficult. Words of Wonders will improve intelligence as vocabulary is extensively developed.


  • Your vocabulary can be expanded after each solution to difficult question. Will you be able to remember all the words and get perfect scores?
  • Combine skills needed solve puzzles and use previous vocabulary secrets solve puzzles in following ranks.
  • Travel world discovering famous wonders and solving secret messages under each monument. When you finish, vocabulary will improve by one level.
  • Test your vocabulary you go through many quests, solve puzzles and reach pinnacle of glory without any help.
  • Form a team of four, join friends, conquer problematic vocabulary heights together and bring home most glorious victories.

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