Village City Town Building v2.1.4 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Village City Town Building MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v2.1.4

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Dec 23, 2022
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Village City Town Building MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Village City Town Building Sim

Village City is a simple mechanics construction game where your job is to build the city they love. Many different types of buildings give you certain advantages and attract more people. At the same time, a number of buildings are unlocked after reaching a certain level, with many empty areas waiting to be used.


Players perform interesting tasks in Village City: build cities and make them impressive in the development process. The first thing you get is an empty area, which has no buildings yet, so you build a city from the first step. Use the money you have to build the buildings you need to attract more people and help your city grow steadily.

Like other construction games, the player’s perspective is completely all-encompassing, with the land divided into small squares. Very useful for choosing the right place to place the new building you want. At the same time, there is no doubt that if all the construction is done right, the city will see remarkable changes. This game has a lot to handle.


The first building you build in Village City is the house, which welcomes the first guests to your town. The large land size allows players to be perfectly positioned wherever they want. There are some decorative elements that accompany this house, and indeed paths can be designed to allow new residents to move freely. .

More than just housing, people need to work to sustain their lives, and building buildings with corresponding functions also benefits. The correct type of building is the commercial type, and when it appears, you can see the movement of people in the city. At the same time, after a while you can collect a certain amount of money that people donate to you, similar to taxes.

In addition to pre-prepared homes and jobs, you can continue to create several more types of building communities. Like its name, this type of building allows you to create links in your community and attract new people to your city. When your original land isn’t as big as it used to be, you continue to develop your city and expand into many new areas. I’m sure this city will become more prosperous as time goes on.


There are many locked areas outside of the ones you own in Village City. Of course, if you have enough resources, you can unlock it. Its unlocking is very useful when you can build many different new buildings. Sure, you like cities getting bigger.

During the construction process you will receive a certain amount of experience points, which will help you reach the next level. His one of the game’s building mechanics is that the player must reach a certain level to unlock buildings later. So, if you want a beautiful, modern building, you’re going to spend a lot of time doing and touching it in-game. There is no doubt that there are many interesting buildings that cannot be ignored.


  • Players travel to unfamiliar locations and begin the city development process.
  • Players go to empty land and start building a city in your style with different buildings.
  • The number of buildings is very diverse and falls into many categories, such as residential, commercial and community, with roles that cannot be ignored.
  • Over time, more and more residents will be attracted to your city, and they will enjoy a stable life, which will bring many benefits.
  • In addition to land areas earned in the game, many other areas can be easily unlocked and money can be used to unlock them.
  • There are many buildings with different designs depending on your level. Surely everyone wants to build new buildings.

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