VEGA Conflict v1.136368 APK (Latest)

VEGA Conflict APK (Latest) v1.136368

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Jan 26, 2023
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VEGA Conflict APK (Latest)

VEGA Conflict

VEGA Conflict takes players to an impressive setting in space where many battles are continuously fought. Take over facilities, collect and develop various resources. At the same time, you will constantly see many interesting mechanics and tasks that need to be completed in the best possible way. Fleet-to-fleet battles are sure to offer attractive rewards.


Once you start experiencing VEGA Conflict, you’ll find a striking setting that you’ll love: the universe. Several battles have been fought in this location between different fleets, and your forces are targeting key positions in the enemy formations. I’m sure you’ll be able to finish it easily and go to the main area which you’ll take over later. Your responsibility is develop base and gather resources.

In the above missions you will have to try to save your character. Of course, this will be the character that accompanies you on various levels. At the same time, of course, there are armadas of fleets to fight unexpected enemies, and many more that are likely to intrigue you.


We can say that there are different types of buildings in VEGA Conflict and they serve different functions such as mining, defence and many other functions. In fact, resource mining is of primary interest to the player, and ore is the main resource that needs to be found. In addition, they often appear on asteroids, and a special building is required to collect them. So you can set its location and start collecting this resource.

One point that players need to pay attention to is upgrading the buildings they currently own. This is a valuable feature often found in construction games that aids in target stats over time. For example, for a building dedicated to collecting mineral ores, you can perform upgrades to gain positive effects such as improved collection performance, storage levels, and many other valuable stats.

I can say that the game has a lot of new mechanics to try to approach. One effective way to do this is by doing quests. When you open quest interface, you’ll see familiar characters saved. At the same time, you can also get rewards that you can get if you meet the conditions. You can also quickly access task-related buildings with one touch.


Don’t forget to build your base in VEGA Conflict as well as battle other enemies. Your goal in this game is the resources inside each target, so the only way to get them is to destroy the transport fleet. A battle will occur and you will have to attack groups of fleets to destroy them quickly.

The two groups of fleets are placed opposite each other, and the team’s attack range is also known. At the same time, it requires a strong defence as it doesn’t affect the match too much. You will get results in a short time and you can use the collected resources to build your fleet. New fleets can be unlocked to fend off enemies, and sure enough, more formidable enemies will gradually appear.

Players explore vast spaces with many dangerous enemies:

Players manage facilities with different buildings. These buildings help you build continuously and grow your main base in a large space.
There are many different types of buildings that serve different roles, one of which makes use of the game’s key resource: ores.
You can build and evolve them if you want buildings with different stats to improve their performance over time.
Don’t miss the fight against the enemy. Carefully prepare your fleet to ensure victory.
There are many impressive bonuses that can be obtained after destroying fleets, allowing you to create new fleet models.

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