Uciana v30.1 MOD APK (Full Game)

Uciana MOD APK v30.1

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Aug 23, 2023
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Uciana MOD APK

Uciana is a galactic strategy game where you will lead and develop an empireAt the same time, the number of technologies, buildings and weapons is varied that you can use and prepare for the emergence of other empires.

 Uciana mod


The experience that players find in Uciana takes place in a galaxy where there are many planets with different characteristics and races that you can find. You will discover many planets with various properties, and one of them will become your colony in the future. At the same time, you can decide the size and features of the level yourself and start the process of building a mighty empire in the universe before other opponents.

You will find different parameters to take into account to make the right choices. At the same time, the number of empires appearing on the game screen or the difficulty you will encounter with your chosen number. Additionally, galaxy-specific items such as black holes, space rifts, and more can appear unexpectedly.


Once you are done tweaking Uciana’s match characteristics, you will begin the process of building your empire. Before your eyes is a series of planets with different colors and properties. You can identify them by their color because some orange planets are habitable, but sometimes they are resource poor. If you want to go deeper into them, you can find the explore function.

 Uciana mod


When a planet appears in front of you, you will find buttons like explore and colonize planets. You will need to know more about your target planet and some factors to consider such as climate, minerals, gravity as they will give you different effects and benefits. Then there will be many things that you can do on this planet.

Construction control panels will also appear before your eyes after you decide to conquer a planet in Uciana. You can construct buildings like barracks, nuclear power plants and many other types of buildings. At the same time, you must also be careful in your choice because the construction will take quite a few turns on the game screen. Also, you cannot ignore weapons which are spaceships with completely various weapons that you can adjust.

The game supports a system of technologies that you can learn bringing effects. Additionally, some realms will actively contact you in some cases, and you can choose to trade or launch an attack.

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Players will find fascinating tactical gameplay on a galactic scale:

Players will find fascinating tactical gameplay on a scale:

You are going to create a battle where empires and different races constantly strengthen each other and invade the planets they want.
At the beginning of the game, you will have to learn the characteristics of the planet and choose the right location to build an empire.
You can construct many buildings and produce powerful weapons to prepare for what is to come.
In some cases, certain empires will actively contact you and you will be the one to decide whether to trade with them or launch an attack.
Many modern technologies and weapons that you can learn and combine to create a powerful army to fight enemy.

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