Tycoon Business Game v9.90 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold)

Tycoon Business Game MOD APK v9.90

June 15, 2024 GAMES
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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 GAMES
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(Unlimited Gold)
Apr 8, 2024
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Tycoon Business Game MOD APK

Tycoon Business Game takes you to new horizons where you have the right to upgrade and manage your own company. A unique strategy game with development content that is second to none. The game invests in compelling features and ideal play forms to give players the most accurate real-world experience.


Players take on the role of tycoons with rich backgrounds. Since childhood, we have grown up in a wealthy life that has shaped the consciousness we have today. We are rich, but we know that our family will give us a medium-sized company, and the player’s job is to upgrade this company and manage it well. Players born at the finish line can conquer the first bright spot for themselves.

In this task in Tycoon Business Game it’s not enough to stay at the management level, you have to build your own brand and earn points in the eyes of your family. With many years of study abroad experience, you will be a successful owner of a large business chain in the future. Developing and defining a dynamic business strategy gives you peace of mind and, above all, motivates you to work harder.


If we are rich and do not integrate and carefully follow the world around us, all will be in vain. To stand, you need to research the market of users of the market. Many open activities will take place within his Tycoon Business Game where you can participate as a business investor.

Contribute to the prosperity of the parent company by working to open businesses in fields such as transportation, securities, and resources. Attend an international investment training session and be on the world gold table in the area of ​​global business expansion. Shake hands with the country, exchange goods, and get huge profits. It also needs to properly manage its supply chain to meet the needs of domestic users.


Other companies will inevitably want to take advantage of us or destroy us, but it’s not a reasonable strategy for us to accept that. It helps us make known our power. We must also shake hands with real businesses and help each other develop. Build a winning business chain in this game.

So far, Tycoon Business Game has wowed us with thrilling details. The game uses free play which attracts a lot of attention. And the combination of unique visuals and vivid sound makes gaming more fun than ever. Players should be able to calmly solve everything and have a more objective view. Be a good manager and open your mind to certain successes.


  • Play and enjoy a realistic world map with other players’ businesses, famous world landmarks, banks, mining, stock exchanges, and many other features! Take
  • Advantage of premium resources: money, specials Spend gold coins on improvements like stronger units, faster production, and more. You can also use gold coins to buy items such as gold coins.
  • Commodities such as oil barrels are traded daily. Buy concessions to open new financial markets.
  • Purchase commercial and transport lines, trade resources.
  • Buy investments like football teams, put them on the international map and let them work for you.
  • Research new items, enhance your company’s skills, and expand your business.
  • Use real-time strategy to gather resources and rise to the ranks of commercial tycoons.
  • Participate in business challenges based on real-world situations, such as borrowing money from a bank or determining the profitability of producing an item.
  • Recruit an army to protect your assets while attacking your competitors!
  • Grow and invest in new companies in industries ranging from tech to cyber to health.
  • The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is a stock exchange where you can trade stocks and conduct daily trading.
  • Construction of mega-projects such as nuclear power plants and underground hotels, and sales of these projects in other countries worldwide.

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