Survival Simulator v0.2.3 MOD APK (Mega Mod)

Survival Simulator MOD APK v0.2.3

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Feb 19, 2020
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Survival Simulator MOD APK

Survival-Simulator modyolo

Survival Simulator is an open world survival game where you can interact with the elements you see. The number of items you create are completely different and they require ingredients gathered in different ways. In addition, in the dangerous world, you can always create a variety of weapons, from primitive to modern, which can do great damage.


In Survival Simulator, you will be transported to a huge world that matches with different servers that you can choose from. In addition, you can meet other animals and players, and they will sometimes become your enemies. You want to find a place to build a suitable place to live and survive in a dangerous world with threats from other and wild animals. This way you start the process of gathering what you need.


Players control the character from a first-person perspective, and the first tool you’ll find in this game is a stone axe. You can easily interact with the elements in the world you enter; they create different effects that you can explore. In particular, you can hit stone or wood to collect the corresponding resources. This is how you begin to do important things and fulfil your survival needs.

Survival Simulator apk


Once you start the Survival Simulator level, you will start to know what you can do. You’ll find lots of things like a list of things you can craft and a tool bag to store what you’ve collected. In addition, empty boxes always show items that are used by players and are located at the bottom of the screen. Some of the tools in this game have a certain durability and invite you to collect other items to create new ones.

The rock hammer you own is completely versatile if you can pick up logs in many situations or use it to hammer rocks. Therefore, the initial stage of the game is to gradually create the necessary tools to replace this tool. Additionally, over time you will be able to comfortably equip yourself with the necessary costumes and collect the necessary items to survive against the dangers you face in this world.

Survival Simulator mod


In Survival Simulator, in addition to the raw materials you collect in the wild, you can craft refined materials. For example, if you want to make scrap metal, you need raw materials and a furnace. Each type has different roles and one of the things that help you fight the enemy is the weapon. You can find simple weapons like bows to powerful weapons like modern weapons.

An interesting point you’ll see is that each type of weapon requires the appropriate ammunition to function. Therefore, collecting and mods should always be done continuously, as well as knowing which factors to prioritise in order to survive early in the game.

Survival Simulator apk mod

Survival in the big world brings many experiences to players, such as:

  • A world full of things that players can interact with to collect resources and dangerous opponents to watch out for.
  • You’ll be equipped with a stone hammer to handle a variety of jobs and focus on doing what you need to do.
  • Each item has limited uses and challenges players when they need to find better items.
  • Some resources do not exist in nature, but must be created by scavenging from materials you already have.
  • The list of equipment and weapons can be created over time and meet the survival needs of the player.

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