Shaman Defense v1.5.1 MOD APK (God Mode, No Skill CD, Unlimited Souls)

Shaman Defense MOD APK v1.5.1

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(God Mode, No Skill CD, Unlimited Souls)
Mar 29, 2022
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Shaman Defense MOD APK

Shaman Defense

Shaman Defense brings a particular charm to the player as he accompanies the Shaman to battle the ever-appearing forces of evil. Shamans have a bond with spirits and can summon spirits with their own energy. At the same time, you can freely move the location of your spirits, use different classes, and unlock impressive new sources of power.


In Shaman Defense, players transform into shamans with special powers that allow them to communicate with spirits and form strong bonds with them. However, as time passed, after the strongest enemy awoke and led this force, a vicious one appeared. Shamans have the important responsibility of destroying evil and bringing peace to the world. At the same time, to do this, the shaman must enlist the help of spirits.

Players progress through typical tower defense genre game play, with waves of enemies constantly appearing in front of them. They use their shaman powers to summon powerful allies to destroy their enemies. At the same time, at the end of the path she is an important character, trying to protect her from attacks from her enemies, as well as the direction of their movements to establish a strong defence.


Shaman Defense presents energy bars and elemental cards that can be summoned. At the same time, we know the information on these cards, such as the class of the spirits and the energy required to bring the spirits into battle. Just observe the process of protecting a powerful entity shaman and make certain adjustments to prevent monsters from passing through.

The funny thing about using spirit powers is that these characters identify enemies and then identify them. At the same time, the positions to place these spirits are not fixed and move according to the emergency. Small squares appear when you touch the environment and you can drag spirits from one place to another. In fact, players can create many interesting and impact full tactics.

Like other tower defence games, players can use multiple spirits of different classes, and changing classes determines where they can be placed. Specifically, for aggressive entities, players must place them in square positions and close to the path of evil forces. Defensive entities block enemies for a period of time, and healers do good to allies by healing allies.


One of the features that every tower defence game has is the tower upgrade mechanism. Shaman Defense tries to improve your character’s strength. You can choose a character that can be improved in terms of stats. Of course, these upgrades are only valid at certain levels. Also, if you want to make permanent improvements, you’ll need to collect Fragments to give you spirits.

Over time, you’ll collect Fragments for each Spirit Card and the amount needed to gain new powers and improve certain base stats at the bottom of the card. You will now be able to step into a library of character cards that have You will certainly want to access new powers, and the greater the power, the more energy it consumes.

Players have access to powerful sources of spirits through Shamans:

  • A Shaman is a character associated with a powerful being, an object that must be protected from the encroachment of an awakened evil force.
  • Players experience tower defence game play and use their shaman powers to summon powerful spirits to stop the enemy’s advance.
  • A variety of classes are available, including attack classes that deal damage, defences that stop enemies, and healers that help heal allies.
  • An interesting mechanic that any player will love is the ability to change spirit positions and flexibility in defensive tactics.
  • Players unlock new spirits and improve their power with temporary or permanent upgrades using fragments.

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