Rope Hero v3.5.0 MOD APK (Unlimited Skill Points)

Rope Hero MOD APK v3.5.0

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 Action
95 MB
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(Unlimited Skill Points)
Dec 19, 2022
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Rope Hero MOD APK

Rope Hero

Welcome to the city of heroes. Your stylish hero in a protective sci-fi suit is ready for action. In a big city, third-person action awaits you. The game space is full of dangerous and exciting adventures. Immerse yourself in an open 3D world with your hero and fight gangsters. You have to act in a modern metropolis. The city map is open from the start, so you can walk anywhere in city. The city hides huge number of secrets and mini-games. Explore the urban jungle, discover interesting places and find out what’s going on there. For example, at military base, you can get yourself ammunition, weapons, a first-aid kit, or unique military equipment. To fight the bandits, your person will have superpowers. It’s time to become a superhero.

The game world is full of various dangers. Street gangs engaged in illegal activities filled the streets of the city. Murderers will be waiting for you at every turn. Corrupt police will intervene in your confrontation. Harsh city roads will not let you relax. Here you can easily be robbed or beaten. If you are not ready for a collision, then beware of alleys in the streets. The main mission of your hero is to penetrate the underground kingdom. To do this, you need to complete tasks in order to understand how criminal world works. Fight petty crime and car thieves. Earn game resources so that they can be spent on buying the necessary items. When you realize that you have completely left your mark on the city, act like a superhero. Destroy all the bandits and other evil spirits in this city.

Rope Hero Apk

If you are tired of strenuous activities, you can always take a soothing tour of the city by car with good music. The game has beautiful sports cars and huge list of radio stations. Ride on interesting places. Get daily rewards. Come in and get rewarded every day and get top prizes for free. In the game, you can always replenish your supply of crystals, receiving them for free several times a day. When passing the game, your hero will receive a level that depends on the game experience. The hero’s skill increases in direction with which you interact the most.

Get all achievements and unlock a valuable prize. Customize your character and equip your hero with the best the game has to offer. In game store you will find different skins for your hero. Each skin has its own set of boosts. You will be able to assemble a unique skin for your hero from spare parts from other costumes. Know the parameters of costumes and choose only the best for your hero. The game has interesting 3D graphics. Better lighting and visual effects. All this, together with good optimization, will allow you to enjoy the game on both a weak device and a powerful device.

Your hero can have maximum set of superpowers. Some of your hero’s abilities are unlimited and always available. You can buy other abilities in the hero shop.
Flight – will allow you to cool even more. Since you can fly anywhere in city whenever you want.
Super Rope – the basic ability of a superhero, it is infinite, with its help the hero can fly between buildings and climb like a climber.
Super Jump – Super Jump & Flying allows you to move around city faster, dodge enemies and do other interesting things.

Rope Hero Mod

In tough battles with enemies, abilities of superheroes may not be enough. To do this, the game has a weapon shop. You can buy whatever you need.
The game has huge number of vehicles you can ride on any of them. Get equipment and keep it in your garage.
You can find or buy tank and be safe. Become an urban legend. The city is waiting for you. Get the most out of superheroes.

Features of the Game

Any game that provides the best gaming experience holds a special place in the hearts of gamers. This is exactly what Rope Hero offers the gamer. The game is developed taking into account the latest innovations in the graphic segment in the form of 3D graphics. This gives new depth to the gameplay. There is not a single instance where a gamer feels like they are playing a virtual game. The gaming experience is second to none.
The game stands out as one-stop solution for any Android gamer. The game is based on the war of superheroes. The player gets the opportunity to learn and acquire many skills that will help him become a better player. These skills can be unlocked by the player during the game. The player must carefully plan his game strategy and try to acquire as many skills as possible.
Whenever an android user downloads a new android game app on their android device. They usually remove the app after some use. This is because the gamer is provided with some limited game content. It gets boring and repetitive after few uses. That’s why the creators have designed the game with the best game modes and difficulty levels that are designed to test the player’s skills and abilities.
New Android games are increasingly using in-game controls that require the gamer to have a certain level of technical knowledge in order to be fully usable. This limits the game to casual players only. The creators took care of the opposite with the game. They have designed the game with the best user experience that every android user can enjoy even if they have technical knowledge.

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