Watch Face Designer – Pujie Black – Wear OS v5.1.46 APK (Paid)

Watch Faces - Pujie v5.1.46

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Jan 4, 2023
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Watch Faces - Pujie

Just got a smartwatch but don’t know how to change its look? Pujie Black is a great assistant to help you design a beautiful and comfortable interface for your smartwatch. In addition to tracking his time, he now tracks his health and today’s weather is also very easy. The simplicity and ease of use with one-touch surfing is a big plus point for users of this application.


The Pujie Black app wirelessly connects to your smartwatch based on the connected device. Then the actions you set in the app will be transferred to the corresponding smartwatch. First, I will mention the ability to change the wallpaper. Users can use wallpapers available in the application to set the clock or use images in the phone’s memory. This app transfers that image from your phone to your smartwatch.

Users can also choose from more than 20 different watch faces and unique displays for how to display the time and layout of the clock, giving users more options. can all be set in control section of the application. Layouts including multi-page scrolling on the clock can also be easily configured with this application. Get easily organized with detailed instructions for each usage section. It is not difficult to freely design the smartwatch interface.


Smartwatches are a new technological advancement. Many of the features of mobile phones are now available on watches alone. I need an app that tweaks them to make them easier to use. Pujie Black can help you solve this problem. This application helps you change the adjustment of features such as timetable view, calendar view and weather view. You can use the function to insert a blank page into your smartwatch interface screen or compact a small folder. The time in the app will change according to your current home time zone. So if you move to another time zone, the app will help you adjust your clock automatically.

A very nice feature of the application is health monitoring. You can use this app to install this new health feature on your smartwatch. When worn on the wrist, touch circuitry can monitor heart rate and monitor health in changing temperature environments. Or you can use Google Fit to track your steps, bike, run or walk thanks to this app. Optimize your smartwatch usage and support features.


Just like your phone, your smartwatch can take photos and text messages. So how to view that archive? Pujie Black helps you link your smartwatch to cloud storage. Thanks to that, your watch’s data is permanently stored and can’t be stolen by keeping it safe. In particular, data in the cloud can be shared with others as needed.

In addition, the application also supports over 800 fonts and international languages ​​(English). So you can easily use it with anyone in the world. Battery-friendly mode optimizes the remaining battery life of your smartwatch. It integrates many useful functions into your device and especially the user can use it for his first 15 days for free!


  • Set the background screen with an existing image or an image you choose from your phone’s memory. You can change your desktop background and layout at any time.
  • Many novelty unique clock display designs match your style, accompanied by an automatic time changing system according to your time zone area.
  • Support for installing and using Timetable View, Calendar View and Weather View features. Organize them on your smartwatch’s surfing page.
  • Track your health, track your steps, bike, run and walk with heart rate monitoring and Google Fit.
  • Store all your data in cloud storage. Here you can share your data with many other users.

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