Pinatamasters v1.3.12 MOD APK (Unlimited Gems, Ammo)

Pinatamasters MOD APK v1.3.12

Last Modified - April 23, 2024 Arcade
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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 Arcade
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(Unlimited Gems, Ammo)
Dec 16, 2022
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Pinatamasters MOD APK


Pinatamasters MOD APK is most addictive arcade game developed by Playgendary. The first time you see the game, you definitely collapsed about this game title. Come with me. Can I explain what I mean by piñata? During American country festivals, this piñata appears. The piñata is made from colored paper and the clothes are mixed. But inside pinata there are a lot of sweets and toys. Any old people can play this game with more joy. Inside, sweets and toys will attract and captivate all children. So basically kids love to play this game during festivals. If you can’t travel to an American country, don’t worry. Just download Pinatamasters MOD APK to play game on your mobile.

Most addictive shooting game

In Pinatamasters MOD APK you have arrived with small arms to attack the piñatas. Most players are easily addicted to shooting games, so the developer made them in shooting style. Every Android gamer knows about the most familiar Kick the Buddy game. This game is also similar to Kick buddy. When you start attacking a piñata, you will receive several rewards for each attack. Some of the available weapons can strike with methods such as the hammer and sword. This weapon is used to hit the piñata and drop rewards. When you deal enough damage, you are eligible for the next level. On the next level, you need to change the weapon styles.

There are many exciting things hidden in this Pinatamasters MOD APK. From the beginning to the end of the level, the piñata has been modified like a cartoon animation. For example, the entry level unicorn style, and then the upcoming level level will change like a panda or another cartoon character animation. The mission never changes when hitting a piñata, but the hit animations and sound effects are impressive. The accessible funny expression gives the gaming users a fantastic experience. Win or lose doesn’t matter, but fun and entertainment are guaranteed by the games.

Travel to a new world

Travel to a new city to see brand new backgrounds and a new themed scenario. Pinatamasters MOD APK contains various types of scenarios in the upcoming levels. Colorful scenarios based on country styles. Many counties have different styles, so they will be automatically changed like country styles. When you see the background, you can easily recognize the country style. Many missions have come with new experience which will give you amazing experience.

Spicy weapons

During the festival, the pinata was attacked with a stick, but Pinatamasters MOD APK has many different weapons. At the beginning of the game, the stick is the main attack of the piñata. The game weapon systems have weapons such as hammers, swords, knives, shotguns, and heavy weapons. This accessible weapon is made from cartoons and the shooting effects include 3D animation. Heavy weapons are very useful and defeat the piñata easily. The ranged weapon is a striking weapon that takes longer to defeat the piñata in the current mission.

I don’t think faster to think. This Pinatamasters MOD APK is very easy to play. Since the next level piñata contains a protective shield, don’t worry. Heavy weapons will help you defeat the guarded piñata. I like laser guns from this game. This gives more piñata damage, but shield time, your damage is not added. The first step is to defeat the defense of the next piñata attack. Complete the mission like a pro and don’t forget to collect the dropped coins from the piñata. Those who collect coins are very useful for buying new heavy weapons.

Upgrade weapons

In Pinatamasters MOD APK, the weapon upgrade system will provide the user with the best experience. Upgraded weapons deal high damage to the piñata and defeat the piñata faster. Having upgraded all types of weapons, you play like professional players. Each mission level contains many of the most fun things and guaranteed internment games. Try this piñata attack game with your neighbor friend. Explore new piñata styles like panda or any other cartoon. Destroy all available piñatas with an upgraded weapon.

Pinatamasters Mod Apk


No words about Pinatamaster MOD APK graphics. Since Playgendary has created this game with 2D animated colorful graphics, it is really nice to look at. More attractive colors have appeared in background styles1. At each level, the background of the piñata will change, and this change is based on country styles. Each item is made brighter, so the game scene is very colorful. Every kid loves these animated graphics and inside the game the piñata looks like a cartoon. Dropping coins from the piñata is very impressive, and the animation of collecting coins is also good. There are many of the funniest graphic elements available in the game, and they look the craziest.

MOD version of Pinatamasters

Pinatamasters MOD APK is a modified version of the original version. In the original version, some restrictions will remain. For example, when you start new level, you see annoying ads. Some weapons require too many coins to upgrade. In this MOD version, you’ll get unlimited money and diamonds. Also, you are spared annoying ads because we have removed ads from this modified version. Unlimited gems will help you unlock all weapons faster and pass each level more easily. What’s more, the number of your gems never decreases compared to our modified version.

MOD features in Pinatamasters

VIP Unlocked
Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Gems
Ads Removed


If you are a fan of arcade games, try this Pinatamasters mod APK. It is the best choice when you are bored on the weekend. Also, you recommend this game to your neighbor kid because this game is mainly for kids. In this game suitable for everyone, the funniest and craziest things are mixed. There is no age recommendation for the game. If you are an adult, don’t worry. You get the most fun experience and get away from stress easily. No more waiting, download now this game to enjoy the day.

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