PeakFinder v4.7.34 APK + MOD (Patched + Mod Extra)

PeakFinder APK + MOD (Patched + Mod Extra) v4.7.34

Last Modified - March 21, 2024 GAMES
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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 GAMES
60 MB
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(Patched + Mod Extra)
Nov 11, 2022
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PeakFinder APK + MOD (Patched + Mod Extra)


The awe-inspiring outdoor experience provided by PeakFinder satisfies your need to explore mountain-related locations and landscapes. You can know the location of famous mountains, and you can actually see them only with this app. The update also makes the information displayed clearer and easier for users to find. So don’t skip any exciting features.


PeakFinder’s functionality is very simple. The mountain information you want to know is displayed in different colours according to your preference. As such, it encourages users to explore their favourite or known mountains around the world without leaving their homes. It also meets the tourism needs of many people, especially in today’s special circumstances.

Mountain names and elevation data are displayed completely in front of you. This is a feature that was just added to help users get an overview of the mountains they are observing. At the same time, there is a slider on the left side of the screen that you can move to select mountains that meet your specific height requirements for viewing. Very useful for those who aggregate information.


In addition to the general information seen through the application’s visual imagery, another factor that absolutely cannot be ignored is the exact details of the mountains. When you turn on the related function, identify the mountain you want to go to and then reach the mountain you want to go. Hands go in one place. Information is altitude, coordinates, and country are displayed. So this has different practical consequences for the user.

Specifically, in the latest version, the user can find the coordinate grid and the function has an element that shows the user more information about the coordinates. Suppose you are impressed by the mountains or surrounding scenery shown in the image because they are completely visual. In that case, this is a must-have, especially for those keen on exploring. They will know where the mountains meet their needs.

Another thing you’ll love about the experience is the choice between realistic images and paintings. Both factors have similar functions, but may be observed differently. Specifically, if you select a mountain in draw mode, you can see crows flying about that mountain. What’s more, the photo true-to-life mode adds some elements to help you imagine more realistically and conveniently capture what you like.


One of features PeakFinder offers users is number of peaks can be searched. Specifically, statistics show 800,000 peaks in certain regions and around world. Of course, don’t miss the famous Everest. No need move too much, sit in front of screen, or go where you want. The application experience is satisfying and complete.

You can satisfy your curiosity as you discover the elements that unfold before your eyes from information, country locations and landscapes. In addition, you can share images with others after viewing in different modes. So, even if they can’t go, they have some knowledge of a particular place and encourage them to explore it if they wish and if they have the chance.


During use, the network must be started to collect the required information. Searches are therefore completely quick and very convenient for the user. It is also a many award-winning application related to the geography field. It can be said that it meets the needs of many users, such as taking pictures and exporting images as they are.

Taking a picture is similar to taking screenshots that we often use on our smartphones. Another point is that this function is exposed directly in the application interface. At the same time, when exporting images, many elements related to the image can be selected before shipping to ensure that the information content of the image is preserved. Moreover, in addition to online mode, this application also supports using in offline mode so that you don’t forget to save important information.

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