Nebulous Mod Download Latest APK v6.0.4.6

Nebulous Mod Download Latest APK vv6.0.4.6

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Dec 3, 2022
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Nebulous Mod Download Latest APK

Nebulous is a gaming app for Android that must be played online. The user plays with a small floating ball in space while attempting to absorb other floating balls smaller than the user. The real challenge of this game is that since the game is played online, there will be many other players in this space as well. If another player’s ball is larger than one player’s, it can absorb the ball as well.

Game play

Nebulous’s game play is very simple, as the player only needs to hold their finger on the screen to move freely from side to side. While performing a lateral move, players should avoid other competing players, especially those who are taller than them. Also try to absorb other players smaller than you. If the player is absorbed, they must start over.

  • A touch control pad
  • ‘split button’ for a moment allows the player to fire a portion of their mass in the direction they move
  • The ‘Eject Button’ ejects part of the player’s mass in the current direction. (This button is used to move the black hole)

Black Holes

Players should be really careful about Nebulous’s black holes. This is because when a player falls into a black hole, it splits into smaller holes. This is usually bad for players, but it can help if you’re being chased by other players.

  • Use the eject button to get to the black hole.
  • After some time, the divided masses recombine.
  • If a big player is after you, seek shelter inside a black hole.
  • The black hole can crush or shrink the player’s blob.
  • Disconnecting while being chased will give you a slight speed boost.

Other features

Some of Nebulous’s other features include:

  • Find different groups, play with your friends or join a specific clan.
  • Over 500 skins and multiple ways to unlock them all.
  • Plasma Rewards can be earned in Super Competition Mode.
  • Online multiplayer mode for up to 27 additional players.
  • Offline mode for single player.
  • A battle royale mode where 2 players compete.
  • Mayhem Mode.
  • Clan system for clan wars.
  • Grid and space theme.
  • Online leader board.

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