Mushroom Wars 2 v2023.38.3 MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Speed)

Mushroom Wars 2 MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Speed) v2023.38.3

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(Menu, Damage, Speed)
Jan 25, 2023
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Mushroom Wars 2 MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Speed)

Mushroom Wars 2

Mushroom Wars 2 opens up the world of a mushroom kingdom that seeks to expand by taking over other territories. You control a force of warriors who emerge from buildings and choose when to invade enemy territory. At the same time, you can upgrade some buildings to make them stronger against your enemies, and multiplayer mode awaits your conquest.


Starting Mushroom Wars 2, players will experience exciting game play. The game involves battles for territory between mushroom warriors of different colours. The ultimate goal of the game is to capture all buildings on the map. Of course, this is not an easy process when your opponent constantly tries to stop you.

You know your colour and start moving mushroom warriors raid different buildings on map. increase. At the same time, each captured building has a specific role that should not be ignored. The game requires the player’s tactical skill to be very high in choosing the correct occupation target.


When you start a level in Mushroom Wars 2, you’ll see a white or Gray building indicating that you don’t belong to any faction. So if you want to occupy them, it’s very easy as long as you meet enough requirements and they will quickly turn into a building of your colour. to defend against and increase combat power.

Some starter buildings have the ability to increase the number of warriors over time, allowing them to use these powers in different ways. You can bring troops from already strong buildings to weaker buildings to increase their defences. At the same time, you will have to do this work continuously so that the enemy cannot take over your building, and you can gather an impressive number of troops from different buildings to support you.

It can be said that the age of competition is inevitable. And one of the factors that every player wants is to attack towers. It has a different function than the building that spawns warriors. Everyone feels uncomfortable when attacked by an enemy, so be careful as this is always the target that the enemy is aiming for and often mobilises a large number of troops.


One of the interesting things about experiencing Mushroom Wars 2 is upgrading the buildings that create your warriors. After many upgrades, your appearance will change and your stats will change significantly. At the same time, we also need to engage some troops in upgrading these buildings, and when they complete their work, we will not be able to continue conquering other buildings. That is, each upgrade reduces the number of troops.

It’s a thoroughly interesting game play that will keep you engaged, and there are many ways to improve your tactical abilities. Participate in different PVE levels to learn game mechanics and master strategy over time. At the same time, if you are confident in your skills, do not hesitate to fight other opponents. The number of players increases while constantly hindering each other’s growth.

Players control a force of mushroom warriors participating in the conquest:

  • Players enter a conquest campaign and take possession of map buildings to defeat their opponents.
  • Warriors can emerge from within various buildings to occupy other locations or support locations under attack.
  • The player has to pay attention to several types of buildings, such as those that help create an army and those that attack oncoming enemies.
  • Warrior powers can be called upon to help with building upgrades, and after the process is successful, they will no longer be able to participate in battles

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