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Love Live!School idol festival v9.11

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Feb 7, 2023
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Love Live!School idol festival

lovelive! School Idol Festival brings players an exciting musical experience from visuals to sounds. Beautiful idols perform songs on impressive stages and wear attractive costumes. At the same time, the songs players can hear come in varying qualities and difficulty levels that can be fully faced.


Start a love live! At the School Idol Festival, you have the option of having one of the female idols accompany you. Each one has an impressive and unique beauty that will keep the player’s eye on it. At the same time, we work with them to create a great group, performing impressive songs with ever-changing difficulty levels. It’s a rhythm game that you can’t miss.

All school idols have certain skills to perform their favorite songs. At the same time, an exciting point that players shouldn’t ignore is the amount of interaction and story that is always in front of them. These stories contain characters that help players better understand the characters they are following. In addition, unexpected events can occur in which players participate in various musical experiences.


lovelive! In School Idol Festival, go to the character menu item and explore the function button. You can find a simple button to access the level and select the song you want. At the same time, the number of songs is diverse with different levels of difficulty, making it easy to understand the rhythm mechanics. Characters join the performance and you ensure the success of your song.

When the game starts, you’ll see a circle in the center of the screen containing portraits of the band’s female characters. The notes then continue to appear at different frequencies and must be observed and touched until each portrait position is reached. You can’t predict how often they’ll show up, but you’ll have time to observe and act through quick reflexes.

Players can find different difficulty levels for their chosen song, and different colors represent them. Difficulties you can find include Beginner, Standard, Hyper, and Adventure. In addition, the appearance rate of the difficulty level element changes, which of course annoys the player, but also affects the score obtained, so there is no failure. So you’ll be spending time practicing on the new difficulty.


lovelive! School Idol Festival, you are sure to keep an eye on the songs this game has to offer. It goes without saying that the quality is high. Additionally, these songs also have a difficulty to experience. Indeed, each song will bring you an enjoyable experience and help you unlock some elements you desire.

Several elements will make you fall in love with this title and look forward to unlocking them over time. Various designed stages help change the playing experience of this game, and performance effects When combined with , an impressive scene is displayed. Also, each idol can wear a different design costume, and you can choose an idol with a costume that matches the beauty of each idol.

Players will participate in performances of school idols

  • The player accompanies a talented idol group to perform impressive songs and achieve high results in each song.
  • Gradually improve your skills by choosing songs and their corresponding difficulty levels, practicing them, and challenging yourself.
  • The notes appear in succession with varying amounts and speeds, so you have to use your reflexes and touch them correctly.
  • The number of songs is diverse and divided into difficulty levels for different achievements to be achieved.
  • The stage makes the idol’s performance more appealing to the audience, and the idol can wear the best costumes.

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