Last Day on Earth v1.23.2 MOD APK + OBB (Mega Menu, Many Features)

Last Day on Earth MOD APK v1.23.2

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(Mega Menu, Many Features)
Dec 15, 2022
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Last Day on Earth MOD APK

Last Day on Earth

Last Day on Earth (LDOE) is a realistic action-survival game that uses top-down adventure elements to immerse players in a post-apocalyptic world. Its strong points are its crafting, leveling, and dungeon systems, but its rewards and activity are well worth it. It also allows players to work together to build bases or search for other resources and survival items.


The entire world of Last Day on Earth is designed as a surface world, and players must spend time or stamina if they want to change each location. Each location on the map is carefully designed with different resources, food, minerals and environments in mind. Dungeons and more. Some of the more dangerous locations are good places to find crafting items or level up through countless battles with zombies.

Last Day on Earth Apk


While the game adopts a top-down style, the control mechanics and features encourage a real-life element. During survival, the player must collect various items to improve the quality of life, such as wood, iron, and items, and even resist all zombie attacks when they arrive at the base. Not only that, but they have to go further afield and find more advanced materials to make modern weapons and equipment.


The base building mechanism is the most innovative and prominent in Last Day on Earth, allowing players to design their habitats in a variety of ways. With the base, the player can process countless materials and create parts for crafting or manufacturing. They can also upgrade all objects, structures and walls with better materials instead of new ones, and even place furniture or stations for a variety of houses.

Last Day on Earth Mod


While the game doesn’t have a skill system or anything like that, it unlocks each player’s skill progression over time. All tools or weapons have their own development and different levels, including crafting or materials. This system provides players with additional premium ingredients and more. gives you access to new and modern skill stations that help you edit.


Bunkers are treated as dungeons unique to the last day on earth, where real challenges arise as the player moves deeper into the earth. However, it automatically resets all the progress after a week, so the deeper the player goes, the more rewards they get. Bunkers will also be the first to introduce new types of monsters to make the game more interesting and intense as players acquire new weapons.

Last Day on Earth Mod Apk


Trading is a familiar activity of the rest of the traders in the post-apocalyptic world, but they never give players the items they need. Traders are all random but highly valued, and they can only loot some special items from air crashes. Players will occasionally encounter massive disasters while traveling the world, and these are places full of abundant loot that are an absolute menace.

Last Day on Earth promises to bring more exciting content to the post-apocalyptic survival genre for everyone. What’s more, it offers a collaborative feature that allows everyone to work together to develop strong living communities and take exciting adventures to new places.

Last Day on Earth Free Mod Apk


  • Create a character and explore the area. Here you can build houses, clothes, weapons and all-terrain vehicles.
  • As you level up, you gain access to more recipes and blueprints. Start by customizing your home, then add skills, upgrade weapons and have fun.
  • Pets are a ray of hope in zombie world. Huskies and shepherd dogs will gladly help you rescue things from high places.
  • Build a fast Chopper, ATV or watercraft to reach remote places. Rare materials for difficult jobs are not free.
  • It’s time to wake yourself up mechanically, and if you like co-op play, head to the Crater City. Then you will realize your PvP value. Join a clan and enjoy the intimacy of the pack!
  • If you’ve made it this far in Survivor, you have an arsenal of weapons that would be the envy of seasoned players. Bats, miniguns, M16, AK-47, mortar, C4 and more.
  • Reservoirs, zombies, raiders and other wonders. Compel or flee. By all means stay safe!
  • You made it. It does not matter who you are or have been. Hello scary world…

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