Hunt Royale v1.9.7 MOD APK (Menu God Mode/Speed)

Hunt Royale MOD APK v1.9.7

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Android 5.1
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(Menu God Mode/Speed)
Dec 13, 2022
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Hunt Royale MOD APK

Hunt Royale

Hunt Royale is a game where players can engage in battles with monsters and other players with one-handed control. You can easily access this character control and choose the level types that suit you. Moreover, the app has different levels of different modes that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. Therefore, two new levels are waiting for players to discover.


The new version of Hunt Royale will have two new game modes that players should experience for many reasons. They have levels with an amazing level of challenge and you will get impressive rewards as you complete as many levels as possible. Thus, it will be a challenge that you will overcome together with other players and support each other in defeating the giant structures. Two new game modes include Dungeons and the Kraken Hunt.

For Dungeons, you will experience game play similar to the main game; the difference will be that its space level will be narrow and you will have to face many enemies. Also, some floors have giant dragon-like enemies with wide area attacks. Kraken Hunt offers you the same adventure as its name, when you have to defeat many enemies to reach the boat and defeat the Kraken with its many tentacles.


In the world of Hunt Royale, players will face many different opponents, from monsters to players. This way you will have skills and make a powerful attack with many different characteristics with the same character. The game play is similar to Archer as players control their characters from the top down and easily control the game screen. In addition, you can control with one hand.

You attack the opponent according to the instructions of the game screen and gain a certain amount of experience. When the experience bar at the top of the screen fills up, some skill options appear that make up the skill row. In addition, you will not experience these levels alone, but will overcome challenges with other players and receive healing effects in each environment. Each match has a rank system to determine the player’s position in the party.

The levels in this game are divided into two types of modes: PVE and PVP. PVE levels are usually of the type where you join other players and defeat various enemies. Additionally, PVP is a match between players and each tries to take down the other player to get a certain number of points. This score increases with each character you defeat, so anyone can demonstrate their skills and reach a high position.


The interesting thing that you will find in Hunt Royale game is the different number of characters and the number reaches more than 30 different characters. In addition, you can unlock the puzzle pieces of these characters, and each level must take a certain number. In this way you can increase their power and each character has their own unique power characteristics that take time to discover. This will surely be a game that will amaze you.

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