Grow Kingdom v1.4.2 MOD APK (Mega Menu, Unlimited Money, EXP)

Grow Kingdom v1.4.2

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Android 4.4
Android Android 4.4 GAMES
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(Mega Menu, Unlimited Money, EXP)
May 19, 2021
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Grow Kingdom

Grow Kingdom Mod
Grow Kingdom Mod APK allows you to take over a kingdom that is always threatened by other enemies. Completely overcrowded, they appear in different waves and require you to attack them before destroying your gate. At the same time you build a strong defense with the number of heroes, soldiers and many interesting mechanics.


You will have a kingdom in Grow Kingdom, but it’s always teeming with monsters with different abilities. So you have to build a defense to fight them and capture the survivors. Battles will always take place with different waves of enemies that you need to strengthen your defenses. At the same time, there are many different mechanisms that will help you increase your strength to protect the kingdom.

Players will be able to observe a kingdom being built with many elements for you to explore. The important factor to pay attention to is the fortress, which the heroes and soldiers constantly protect. At the same time, this is also the right point of attack for the monsters that constantly appear in front of you, and you decide for yourself which strategy you use to fight them. You can watch the fight from different perspectives that you can choose according to your preference.


In Grow Kingdom, players focus on the castle gate and know the level of the gate to complete the upgrade process. At the same time, this upgrade process affects many aspects and makes your defense more stable, such as: B. increasing the number of troops that can be added, increasing the level of fortifications and many other factors. You can see the portal’s HP bar when the battle starts.

In each level of this game, the players will find two characters: heroes and soldiers. The number of soldiers and heroes will often be different because there are often more soldiers, but the heroes’ fighting power can be improved by giving them equipment. So, these two forces will help you defend the castle against the enemy, and after the preparation is complete, you will watch what happens in the battle.

The battle takes place under your supervision and you cannot change tactics once it has started and you can only support it with some methods. At the same time, everything will end when one side is defeated, so you need to build a strong gate. You can also add different soldiers if you have enough resources and your castle meets requirements. Surely the upgrade is necessary as the enemies keep spawning.


In Grow Kingdom, players will find Archer, Infantry, Lancer and other units and the number of gems you need to add to a unit. At the same time, they can all use the money to improve their skills and the money you earn can be earned in many ways such as: B. through fights or the use of prisoners for various tasks. You can also see the number of heroes you can unlock and they have their unique traits.

An interesting point when using different types of troops is the effects you can get when the appropriate troops enter the battle. At the same time, the train system is similar to a skill tree, so you can improve some production mechanics, strength and many other factors with the number of your points. Surely you will be able to reach an impressive power to crush the enemies that you see.

Players will be able to find a kingdom in need of protection from monsters:

  • Many enemies try to appear with different waves and try to invade the kingdom by destroying the city gate.
  • Players will build a defense with different soldiers and heroes to repel the enemies that are constantly approaching the kingdom.
  • The above two characters have different traits, and surely both of them will be upgraded to increase their strength in battle.
  • The train system works similar to the skill tree to help the player and the prisoners have to work to help you develop the economy.
  • Players can achieve special effects by deploying groups of related troops and unlock other powerful heroes.

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