Google Earth v10.46.0.2 APK (Latest)

Google Earth v10.46.0.2

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Jan 23, 2023
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Google Earth

Many mapping applications are now pre-installed for mobile device users, but Google Earth has always been the go-to choice for many. The application always brings the best service to the user experience, allowing you to navigate and explore geographic data in a 3D world. Through this application, users can see the whole world in front of their eyes in a wonderful and easy way.


Google Earth is a VR version that allows users to explore virtual reality worlds through a lens. If you like to see the world and want to know the geographical location of places, this application can meet all your requirements. Famous places around the world such as the cityscape of Tokyo, flying over the Grand Canyon, walking around the Eiffel Tower, etc. are displayed under the small screen of your phone.

Everything is the same as in real life, so it can be said that they all bring a great sense of realism to the user. What’s more, the application is even better when you can experience it completely for free. The application allows users to navigate anywhere on Earth and view satellite imagery that presents vivid 3D images of the movement of stars.


In fact, it shows that there are many wonderful places in the world that are visited by many people. If you have a chance to visit the site directly, it’s a great chance. But with Google Earth, users can see the whole world in a very realistic experience, like going to a country and looking around. It can be said that many people around the world worked hard to see beautiful cities wherever they wanted to visit, before the benefits of applications like today were not fully realized. Moreover, thanks to the constant development of technology, users have new ways to appreciate the unique beauty of each city in the world. Users can exhaustively select their favorite cities and add them to the list for easy viewing.


A unique combination of 3D imagery in Google Earth allows users to view the entire city they live in. This means that the user can fly over the city in 3D like never before. Not only that, but the application also offers the experience of exploring Mars, the Moon and the Sun, allowing you to take a journey through space to see a 3D rover model. In addition, the high resolution also allows him to track movements in a 360-degree panorama.


In the process of using this map application, users can create images and share them with friends to admire the beauty of the city together. What’s more, global trend-setters can share their trips and discover new places. Recommended. At same time, you can navigate, move and zoom anywhere.

In short, this app is excellent for those who are passionate about astronomy. Through this application, users can learn more geographic knowledge and explore the world easily without going to the place.


  • With this application, users can observe on the map the places they want to find, and the world will be shown many other places.
  • Users have the right to use it to explore the world at home or to give directions when going to unfamiliar places or trips.
  • It displays complete information about the photos that the application posts and supports different languages ​​to let users know more information about where they need it.
  • Explore images of different planets on Earth and see their movements around the Earth in his high resolution 360dgr panoramic view.
  • Use data layers to define demographic indicators of interest, import large vector image files, and use the spreadsheet importer to quickly graph his GIS data.

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