Epic Battles Online v8.2 MOD APK (Unlocked All Warriors)

Epic Battles Online MOD APK v8.2

Last Modified - June 11, 2024 GAMES
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(Unlocked All Warriors)
Feb 1, 2024
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Epic Battles Online MOD APK

Epic Battles Online

Epic Battles Online grows armies and sends requests to participate in specific wars between different nations. In each battle, you will fight with a new face. They have special strategies and powerful armies. To conquer the top, you must either defeat half of the enemy’s mobilised army or defeat the king of the top. Each team has a king who directly directs the match. You need to be more vigilant in your mission to protect the country’s only king.


Epic Battles Online updates never disappoint players with the continued release of much-anticipated content. To meet the player’s demands on the number of soldiers, the system has raised the usage limit to a higher level. Therefore, each confrontation has the right to use more soldiers. This change also makes troop placement simpler.

Additionally, new units in your army will increase the number and options for building your team. Each side takes turns strategist by adjusting and coordinating the positions of their armies. New characters are unlocked as you reach incredible difficulty levels. For this launch, we want to introduce you to a fearsome giant. They have terrifying heights and amaze with the efficiency of each move.


Troops developed in Epic Battles Online join battles when unlocked. Can the player apply them in the desired battle only if they are unlocked? First, they must fight a small group of weakly defended soldiers. New players can unlock more troops by passing and winning 5 challenges. However, one thing to keep in mind when placing them in battle positions is that the number of soldiers that can participate in each battle is limited.

All units developed by the system will appear in a fixed list. Players can employ seven types of units, from archers to infantry to other teams, depending on the terrain. Plus, you can unlock over 18 new units. Each unit can increase its abilities in many individual battles. The most important strategy involves doing more research on the layout of your army and making sure the positions you create work well.


Epic Battles Online gives you all the content you need to enhance your experience by re imagining the classic conflict between medieval nations. or zoom in or out for a better view. Troops are distinguished by their colours and weapons, and each group is assigned a specific position and fights in teams.

The opponents you’ll encounter in this combat can be humans, elves, undead, or barbarians. Many surprises await you in the future. Each battle helps the player gain more experience and progress to new levels to face stronger enemies. Battle time he is limited to 10 minutes. After this 10 minutes, the entire operation should be stopped. The system will compile casualty counts and make a final assessment of championship positions.


Epic Battles Online is an exciting game that demonstrates your ability to observe, evaluate, and build appropriate battle strategies. Each player increases their abilities as they participate in and win conflicts. The system limits the allotted time, provides the basic rules of the game, and asks you to complete it. To get a strong army, first prove your strength by overcoming the challenges of every confrontation. Large-scale combat is the most terrifying gathering of forces. We look forward to showing you what you can do.


  • Complete missions in perfect formation to protect the king from the onslaught of enemies.
  • Matches are played under system supervision. When his 10 minutes of the match are over, all activity will stop.
  • Calculate achievements based on how many troops you killed, half a squad, or the number of kings on your team.
  • Place different groups of soldiers in many new positions and plan the perfect strategy for where and how to attack.
  • See everything in third person. Zoom out or zoom in on your screen to get a closer look at the entire battle.

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