Dungeon Maker v1.11.24 MOD APK (Damage, God Mode, Money)

Dungeon Maker v1.11.24

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(Damage, God Mode, Money)
Apr 18, 2022
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Dungeon Maker

Dungeon Maker Mod
Dungeon Maker offers exciting gameplay as players accompany Dark Lord and monsters to destroy heroes entering the dungeon. You can add traps to destroy them and get the impressive rewards. Sure, you can increase the power of the Dark Lord and monsters with exciting items.


In Dungeon Maker, the player takes on the role of a Dark Lord whose sole task is to rule his dungeon along with other monsters. At the same time, you will find waves of enemies who are heroes that keep appearing. The battles will be continuous and you will increase the power of the Dark Lord, the monsters and the difficulty of the different rooms. Therefore, you certainly won’t ignore the interesting gameplay that this game brings.

The first experience you will find in this game is choosing the Dark Lord characters that you will control. In the beginning, the number of choices will be quite limited, and you will know each character’s characteristics to make your decision. Their strength will increase over time and new skills will gradually appear to fight the powerful enemies. At the same time you build your own.


Upon starting Dungeon Maker, players will see squares appear in a room, and at the end of the room is the Dark Lord’s location. You will know your enemies’ movement and develop sensible tactics to destroy them. At the same time, the player can tap on the ability to activate it, and huge enemies will gradually appear in front of your eyes. You can easily find cards that will determine your next direction, like combat, traders, and many more options.

The smaller squares are places where you can place traps and monsters to stop enemy’s advance. Enemies will be forced to stop attacking them and the Dark Lord will have no trouble supporting them from behind. At the same time, after completing the level, the game will continue to give you a certain number of cards. You will be reluctant to decide to build your dungeon, which becomes completely difficult for heroes.


In Dungeon Maker, battles with heroes offer an impressive selection and items, but all have specific proportions. So if you want to grant some wishes right away, you should opt for the Merchant Card, which leads you to a series of items that you can buy to significantly increase your power. You will use the money you win to buy what you want.

One of the features that players will look out for is sacrifice and combine. For Sacrifice, you select a specific monster and use it as an ingredient to boost the Dark Lord against stronger enemies. At the same time, Combine helps you combine monsters to create higher-level monsters. You can also find some recipes to create the powerful monsters and of course it will take a long time to summon them.

The player will take over a dungeon and defend it against the arrival of heroes:

  • Many waves of heroes appear and you defend the dungeon as you build defenses with dark lord and monsters.
  • Each room has different empty cells and you will know where the hero will appear to place the appropriate monsters and traps.
  • Over time, players will be able to find different items through the rewards they choose after the battle.
  • Players will decide their moves by cards, as the battle card will lead you into battle, the merchant will provide items.
  • Dark Lords can increase their strength and monsters can combine into a stronger monster.

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