DOP 2: Delete One Part v1.2.2 MOD APK (No ADS)

DOP 2: Delete One Part v1.2.2

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Nov 2, 2022
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DOP 2: Delete One Part

DOP 2: Delete One Part

DOP 2: Destroy One Piece is a puzzle game where players go through many challenging levels with different requirements that require them to destroy an important item. This found item will complete the level and advance the player to another level. In addition, the number of levels varies and requires players to use many different skills or use the hint feature to make important points.


In DOP 2: One Piece Destruction Game, players get a lot of quests of different genres and of course you try to complete them. Players must carefully observe the objects in front of them and connect them with the instructions in each level. In addition, the most used element is the eraser, which can erase a certain part of the objects that appear. This elimination will end the level if the requirements are met.

The control method of this game does not cause too much trouble for the players as they can move the eraser completely anywhere they want. Additionally, players can see hidden items appear if they destroy the correct position. So, each level presents a puzzle that will make you think and think about how best to complete the level.


The first element to do in DOP 2: Deletion is to observe the given and requested images and elements, from which the player recognizes the relationship between them. Searchable items are sometimes hidden by certain items and, of course, these items are often easily removed. So, it’s a feature that helps you distinguish items that are clues to solving puzzles in the game’s challenging levels.

Observation and judgment skills are important in this game, especially if all the items affect the level or not, you can disable them. So players use their knowledge to solve puzzles; for example, level 550 asks to delete an item. If you learn about the transmission of a car, you will immediately notice the unexpected, and these findings will definitely be difficult but interesting for you.

One of the factors that attracts and sustains players to complete a level is multiple attempts. This test is performed by players when they fail to correctly delete a small item in the game, and after releasing the eraser, everything is back to normal. In addition, players can continue their puzzles by trying to clear other items, find the item that affects the level and complete it quickly.


When players see DOP 2: One Piece Destruction, they will surely be amazed at what this game brings like the number of different levels. The levels are all different because they have challenges, specific animations and objects. Therefore, each level will have a new problem that the player must try to complete, and the solution is completely different, which will cause problems for the player.

The number of different levels allows the players to have fun in their own way and of course it will be a long ride as the difficulty will increase with time. Thus, every puzzle game usually has a reference feature, and of course, they are completely limited in the number of uses. Before you can get help to help you identify the key factors to successfully completing a level, you need to fulfill a certain requirement.

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Players will come to exciting puzzle levels and require many skills from them:

  • The player will see an image with various objects and an accompanying prompt that the player will try to complete with the eraser they received.
  • This eraser allows you to erase items that affect the level, and if the player destroys it correctly, the level ends.
  • The number of items that can be removed varies in each level, and sometimes the player has to try again and again to get the correct answer.
  • Levels vary in design and requirements, so players use their skills and knowledge to complete them.
  • It’s a challenging journey through the many puzzle levels and players can use the hint feature to find key points.

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