Data Defense v1.3.8 MOD APK (Full Game)

Data Defense MOD APK v1.3.8

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Jun 9, 2021
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Data Defense MOD APK

Data Defense Mod
Data Defense is a tower defense game with a completely minimalistic design, in which you go into a system and defend it from threats. The towers can be freely placed in different positions, creating a passage for the enemy. At the same time, the number of portals of threat elements in this game will increase, and you will arrange the towers you have in such a way that the enemy cannot move any further.


In data defense, the player will find a system on the right side of the screen in which the target must be protected. With just a small impact, the system can be affected at any time, and the game screen will certainly stop, and the object that causes these phenomena is the small square programs. They possess different colors and of course they are destined to affect this system and seriously work towards it and you will have the task to destroy them.

The environment of this game is not like other tower defense games as there is no specific place to place towers or defined path to move. The environment in the game is a rectangle divided into squares of equal size. At the same time, players can place towers in any position they want, wait for malicious programs to happen and watch them be destroyed.


At the beginning of data defense, players are given only one tower and place it in different locations. Before placing a specific tower, you should check the stats of those towers to understand their attack speed and attack effects. Starting towers usually have basic attacks and consume the fewest credits, allowing you to place multiple towers at once. At the same time, you can also see that a street is created when new buildings are built.

Gaps are created when a new building is placed, gradually creating a clear path for malicious programs to move. At the same time, they will not collide with your buildings and will take a different path, so you can control the direction of these enemies and attack them. In addition, the number of enemies that the player will see can be known in advance and prepare strong defenses to destroy them.

Everything is easy when your enemies appear from a red portal on the right side of the screen. At the same time, this portal is not just one, but over time it can increase in size, so you need to observe the expected direction of movement, which will appear on the field with green rays. In addition, the increased number of portals means that other powerful enemies will appear before your eyes and you will certainly need to increase your defenses.


Over time, new towers will constantly appear in Data Defense and help you deal with various enemies. You’ll be able to find a turret that will help you slow down constantly moving enemies, and its weak point is its rather touching attack speed. You have to choose another building to support the attack or choose a building that reduces the enemy’s armor so that they don’t go through your towers.

Their increased strength means that with higher stamina, your enemies will also become stronger. In particular, players will see small blue squares that don’t bring much danger, but the appearance of red and yellow squares will put pressure on the player. You wouldn’t expect your system to go from green to red due to an enemy attack.

Players will receive the task of protecting the system from enemies who want to infiltrate:

  • Players won’t take their eyes off the minimalist experience of a tower defense game in which they take on the task of protecting the system.
  • The portal is on the right side of the screen where the enemies appear and the green lines show the path of movement.
  • The players can place different towers on the positions according to their strategy and they form a path that the enemy has to go through.
  • Over time, powerful towers with different effects will be continuously unlocked, which you can stack in different positions.
  • Squares of different colors will appear in front of you, forcing you to improve your strength since the enemies have high resistance.

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