D4DJ Groovy Mix v6.2.10 MOD APK (God Mode, Always Perfect)

D4DJ Groovy Mix MOD APK v6.2.10

July 13, 2024 GAMES
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Android 5.1
Android Android 5.1 GAMES
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(God Mode, Always Perfect)
Jun 24, 2024
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D4DJ Groovy Mix MOD APK

D4DJ Groovy Mix is ​​a DJ-themed rhythm game where players join numerous female characters and complete songs in the best possible way. Spend time trying to achieve the highest score for each level with different songs. Also, all in-game characters appear in the gacha banner and can be summoned over time to upgrade their potentials.


The DJ experience in D4DJ Groovy Mix challenges players as they have to complete a great song in this game. Every song has a certain number of notes that must be hit correctly, and of course that number varies and depends on the song you choose. So you can hone your skills and get progressively higher scores across levels for impressive rewards.

When you start the game you will see two discs with a blue bar between them. A few small empty cells will appear corresponding to where the notes will fall and you will have to match them correctly so as not to exceed this bar. At the same time, he can also push two discs when the circle appears. These factors are perfectly understandable for the player, but the challenges start to appear once the game screen is started.


When you experience a rhythm game like D4DJ Groovy Mix, you will find a lot of different genres of songs. To be exact, the game has over 130 different tracks that you can spend your time exploring. They all have different scoring systems with max SS trying to score as many points as possible. At the same time, the challenges they present are very diverse.

The first two important elements that we are familiar with and can adapt to their position are the bar and the circle. Of course, there are many other variations. Lines connect some elements. Of course, you have to press this line to make it disappear until the rest of the elements match and the minimum number of linked elements is 2. Even if you have to swipe in the direction the arrow on the bar points , and that’s not all.


In addition to hours of fun and challenging entertainment, players will also be captivated by the female characters that accompany the D4DJ Groovy Mix. They all have stunning looks that can captivate everyone, and of course, each character has different star counts, while at the same time you can also find Gacha-her mechanics to summon into your team. Additionally, their potential increases, which affects the number of points you can earn for each level.

Items obtained by completing levels are used to upgrade these characters. Each successful limit break brings closer access to animated card art and, of course, more points you can bring in each level.

The music experience you find in games is compelling for the following reasons:

  • Songs of different genres consume a lot of the player’s time and motivate them to achieve high scores in the game.
  • The game play you will find is completely accessible, but it will be difficult to master because there are many
  • You will see different types of notes in front of you and you will have to match them, The frequency with which they appear makes it difficult.
  • Female characters will become your companions in various performances and boost your score.
  • Character banners where you can shoot beautiful characters and animation card art that you want to touch are waiting for you.

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