D-MEN: The Defenders v2.0.801 MOD APK (One Shot Kill)

D-MEN:The Defenders v2.0.801

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(One Shot Kill)
Nov 8, 2022
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D-MEN:The Defenders

D-MEN: The Defenders Mod
D-MEN takes you into a challenging battle against dangerous zombies with the power of soldiers. They have attacks with different characteristics, creating tactical options for the player. Also, some characters will be unlocked over time as you complete some levels, so you won’t miss their special skills.


In D-Men, players will face wave after wave of zombies with a warrior. They constantly move their way in ambushes for you to attack. It can be considered a feature of the tower defense genre that encourages players to collect characters with power and impressive skills.

In the game’s environment, players find their assigned role. Of course, those are the soldier positions you recruited. At the same time, a useful mechanism that no player can ignore is knowing the initial route taken by the monster. They can use their warriors to position themselves in positions to hit the most enemies that pass by, and over time the soldiers unlock skills.


In D-MEN, the player finds a team with as many members as possible in the match and a total of 8 squares corresponding to 8 soldiers. Of course, this number is not fully unlocked, so you will have to complete the levels that the game offers, and the story will open these locations when his character is unlocked. I’m sure you’ll be able to harness different types of character powers.

One thing to keep in mind when using soldiers is the attributes and powers they have. This may determine where you place your soldiers. Some soldiers can slow their targets with each attack. Others perform simultaneous or single-target attacks. As such, many players often strategize by placing the character causing the slow effect first, and the next character in the next position.

If you want to use a character, you have to pay to have it appear in your level. Every time a character appears, he has to spend 100 gold units in this game. This is the general look of the game. At the same time, characters will sometimes appear to temporarily support you when you are in trouble. This follows the plot of the game.


The interesting thing about D-Men is the variety of characters you can own and the many useful strategies you can create for yourself. Also, depending on how fast you clear the level, elite characters will appear in front of you and can be used freely in battle. Also, they are powerful soldiers, and of course their attacks are not limited to basic attacks.

Each time the player makes an attack, the character gradually gains access to unique skills that can be used. Each character’s skills are completely different than deciding when to use them. For example, in the case of the character Newton, the player finds a vortex of energy that deals massive damage to enemies that pass through it. Indeed, this attack can be combined with attacks from the other characters.

Players will use the power of soldiers to fight off waves of zombies:

  • Players summon soldiers to attack and find locations to stop dangerous zombies from advancing to their final positions.
  • Each character has a unique attack that cannot be ignored, helping you create many effective attack tactics.
  • Summoning soldiers into battle consumes a certain amount of resources that must be taken into account in the summoning.
  • There are many ways to add characters, such as going through the many levels the game offers or adding temporary support characters.
  • Each character has a unique skill that unlocks with frequent use of normal attacks and should be carefully considered when using.

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