Civilization Revolution 2 v1.4.4 APK + OBB (Full Paid)

Civilization Revolution 2 MOD APK v1.4.4

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Dec 21, 2014
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Civilization Revolution 2 MOD APK

Civilization Revolution 2 Mod
Becoming a leader in building your own glorious empire will not become extremely easy at your fingertips when you know this game. Civilization Revolution 2 will take you back to every critical stage of human history. Decisive historical moments and famous characters from history will be recreated before your eyes. The new update of this exciting empire game will come with unexpected improvements and features.


The new technology is artificial intelligence, has been added in Civilization Revolution 2. As you know, this technology is considered as a turning point in human civilization. In particular, along with other famous historical rulers in the world, the new Chinese ruler Civ – Taizong of Tang is also added in this new update.

In addition, this game also features the appearance of new special units, including drones, transport aircraft and light armor. The new event map has also been updated to cater to upcoming highlights. Welcome this release, there will be some interesting surprises in this great strategy game.


Civilization Revolution 2 is a popular strategy game which is a spin-off of Civilization series and the sequel to Civilization Revolution. This game challenges you to build your own glorious empire with all the intrigue and strategy at your disposal. This section offers you smooth visuals presented in 3D graphics and unique tactical depths that will amaze you.

Becoming the leader of an empire has never been easier. You will face a long process of empire building, from the savage beginnings of mankind to an ever more civilized modernity. You will have to go through historical transformations, decisive fierce wars, then form alliances between countries and slowly discover new technologies, developing them more prosperous.


Civilization Revolution 2 graphics in this part are updated and improved very significantly. Stories are told with beautiful 3D images. The images are represented honestly, meticulously down to the smallest detail, which can satisfy even the most unconventional gamers. This will not lose the user-friendly interface inherent in this series and the intuitive and easy-to-use control system for touch devices.


If you love history and have a lot of knowledge about history, you will definitely be surprised and excited to see famous historical figures appear in the game such as British Prime Minister Churchill, US President Kennedy or Lenin – The Famous Russian revolutionary. Historical battles such as economic wars will be recreated in front of you. You will be able to rewrite history yourself as a true leader.

With Civilization Revolution 2, players are tasked with building their own empire with many choices offered, you can consider between Japan, America, Russia. Once you have made your choice, you will begin to explore and build your city. Other civilizations also exist and grow alongside your empire on the world map. You can think of meeting other leaders and discussing the exchange of scientific and technological works.


There are four ways to win the game, and each victory has different ways of achieving it. The first way is that you can rule world with bloody wars to monopolize all the capitals of other countries. The second way is to build an economic empire; you just need to collect 20,000 gold coins and build the World Bank; the victory will be yours. The third way is to build a civilization with unique international culture, build a United Nations, and have many great cities with beautiful wonders. The last way is to have outstanding scientific achievements, to be the first in the world to defend Alpha Centauri’s spaceship to win.

After reading this far, are you ready to join this adventurous and exhilarating adventure? The choice is yours; win game your way. Join game now to prove your leadership ability and meet the most famous people in human history, as well as witness historical events first hand. Build the empire you want and enjoy the fun this game has to offer.

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