Black Pie – Icon Pack v4.6 APK (Patched)

Black Pie - Icon Pack v4.6

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Android 4.1
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Feb 8, 2023
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Black Pie - Icon Pack

Beautify the look and feel of your mobile phone with Black Pie – Icon Pack. It is the first choice for users who prefer a simple lifestyle. These icons are designed to be as small as possible so as not to distract your eyes. Atsumi time, the main color tone appears as a dark background to highlight the main wallpaper and icon. The icons that represent the application are simple graphics, but very easy to understand and unique.

In the recently updated version, the collection welcomed 31 new icons to join. They are always designed according to latest trends that are happening. The world’s most prominent trends are now encapsulated through app icons. Therefore, every icon pack born always attracts the attention of consumers. A global market-seeking Mr. and Mrs. like you will definitely not miss them.

Black Pie currently has over 2,500 featured icons. You can delve into that treasure trove and pick a theme that appeals to you. Icons appear in round shapes like cute cakes. Your desktop becomes a big stack of cakes, and each cake contains a block of data for that application. This fun promises to bring you a great experience with this round icon pack.

Apart from its round shape, the prominent feature of the icon is its color shades that attract many customers. A simple lifestyle inspires it, so the background of the icon is covered in a matte black color. Their main purpose is to give the user a pleasant and comfortable feeling. In addition, he performs a noble task as an assistant, highlighting the application plot inside the main character.

Icon content drawings are created to preserve the original appearance of the original application. This will become familiar to users when using the new interface. This familiarity will help you even get a new theme, but it won’t take much time to remember and adapt to changing the app icon. The colors used are mostly very prominent shades, but in a pastel style. You are attracted to something that is colorful but not too flashy.

In the gallery, which contains thousands of different themes, you will see small sections installed. There are themes that are the names of popular models, and within them are icons that make them popular. Icons have unique characteristics for the different types of mobile devices. This section makes it easy for users to choose their preferences and express their personality on the interface screen.

The icons created in Black Pie are getting bigger and bigger. If the user wants to select a theme, they must enter the icon pool. It’s tough. Not only that, but when you are exposed to too much of the subject, you no longer recognize its beauty and gradually become dizzy. That’s why we installed a search engine. Now you can search for icons by keywords.

Although Black Pie is famous for its icons such as cakes covered in dark tones, it also offers many other users. A feature is the dynamic calendar feature. With modern user systems, digital calendars have become commonplace. They seem to have replaced the traditional calendar due to convenience. Dynamic calendars are their interface that is always changing to bring a new feeling, not boring the users. A small detail makes it superior to other apps.

The utilities it brings will certainly not disappoint or complain users. You only need to follow 4 quick steps to use Black Pie. After opening the app, set the option to use the dark circle. After completing these 2 steps, launch the program. The process is very fast and does not take much time. Finally, appearing in front of you is a responsive interface.

This app also supports user preview feature. In particular, you can choose a topic that you like. When it becomes the main interface, whether you are satisfied or not, use this feature immediately. It allows you to enjoy the whole theme in advance just like when it is used officially. If you want, you can choose to allow it to run and save to device memory; otherwise, you can ignore it.

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