Beat Fire v1.3.05 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

Beat Fire - Edm Gun Music Game v1.3.05

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Android 4.4
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(Unlimited Coins)
Nov 21, 2022
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Beat Fire - Edm Gun Music Game

Beat Fire is a rhythm game in which the player shoots down the elements that appear while enjoying a classic song. Each component of the game has characteristics and controls that you need to know, and over time your reflexes will improve and help you overcome various challenges. Each song also has multiple difficulty levels to choose from and you can earn coins to keep unlocking more songs and other elements.


Experience Beat Fire and you’ll enter a world of rhythms where you’ll find many hits and challenges to overcome. The in-game environment is calm, brightly colored and straightforward, suitable for a wide variety of object preferences. At the same time, each level offers a new experience when elements drop from above and you have to shoot them down.

The challenges of this game are elements of different shapes falling from above and you have a gun to shoot them. At the same time, your task in the game is simple: control the center of the gun and move it left and right. Every time an element lands in the gun’s sights it shoots and does this with everything it sees. Shoot to the end of the level without skipping any elements.


When it comes to rhythm games like Beat Fire, there are many challenges for players. The first factor is missing an element, which forces you to stop the game. Also, if the game unexpectedly helps you, you can continue this level until the next problem. Additionally, the number of falling elements changes over time, making it a difficulty that forces you to adapt.

The second factor that needs to be mentioned is the different elements that you have to shoot in each level. Specifically, you’ll find a square roughly the same size as the center of the gun you operate, though you may see some slim elements that need to be shot accurately. There will definitely be an essential element with a tail that you have to hold until.

The third element usually appears in every song you acquire and later unlock. Each song has a progress bar at the top of the screen, and once the bar is full, the level ends shortly after. At the same time, you can also find different difficulty levels for your songs. Most of the time there are 3 difficulty levels from easy to hard. Therefore, according to each difficulty level, the length of the music and shooting elements increase, and the skill of the player is required.


As you complete levels in Beat Fire, you receive a fixed amount of money that increases over time. Specifically, spend time completing levels and save money to unlock new songs. Many popular songs on the charts await you, and of course they all bring unexpected difficulties. Additionally, you can change the skin of your gun, and the aiming point will be different depending on which skin you choose.

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