Arena of Valor v1.55.1.3 MOD APK (Menu, Map Hack, WideView)

Arena of Valor MOD APK v1.55.1.3

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(Menu, Map Hack, WideView)
Jul 10, 2024
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Arena of Valor MOD APK

Arena of Valor is a MOBA-style game, where your main objective is to fight your way through enemy towers and defeat grunts and other opponents you encounter along the way. The game has several modes, the main three being Grand Battle, Valley Skirmish, and Abyssal Clash.

Arena of Valor may take some time to master, but it will be a piece of cake for anyone familiar with DOTA or Heroes of the Storm. Players control a character called a hero. And each of these heroes has unique abilities. Heroes start the game at a lower level and gain gold and experience while climbing ladders to progress.

Playing Arena of Valor

You can choose from a variety of game modes, with 5v5 being the most popular, also known as Grand Battle or Ranked. This mode takes place on the Antaris battlefield. Valley Skirmish is a 3v3 mode, with only 2 towers on each side between your team and the core. Solo Battles are one-on-one competitions using one tower and core.

The selection of heroes in this Arena of Valor is amazing and huge. Heroes are divided into categories, each with a different role. The most notable difference is the type of damage your hero deals. Some heroes deal physical damage that can be offset by an armour stat, while others deal primarily magic damage that is offset by a magic resistance stat.

Arena of Valor starts the player with 2 of 39 characters. To unlock more, you have to buy or in-game gold. Through matches, achievements, and other rewards, but once you unlock a character, it stays unlocked. However, you cannot customise your character like you can in Cyber ​​Hunter.

Some heroes deal both types of damage, and some do ‘true’ damage that cannot be countered by armour or magic resistance. All heroes fall into one of six categories, with some heroes overlapping multiple categories. All game modes are available from the start with the special mode Hook Wars being demoted only on weekends.

Hook Wars is one of the entertainment game modes you can play every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. The game map, Treasure Bay, consists of two large ships connected together. There are no minions, turrets or bases in this mod. Each player can use a hook as a special ability, which can be used to catch an opponent’s boat or an enemy from a distance.

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