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Zombie Age 2: Offline Shooting v1.4.1

January 17, 2024 Action
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Android Android 4.4 Action
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May 27, 2022
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Zombie Age 2: Offline Shooting

Zombie Age 2 is a fun action game for Android phones. You must be the hero to save the world while hordes of brain-hungry zombies take over the town. Defeat zombies in 7 different modes with unique challenges. Every single game mode will test your zombie killing skills.

Completing daily goals for extra rewards is one of the main aspects along with completing missions and earning stars. The developers of this game have done a fantastic job of keeping things simple and addictive when it comes to gameplay.

Zombie Age 2 Gameplay on Android Devices

Zombie Age 2 gameplay is simple and straightforward. Zombies will approach you in waves from the front and back, and kill them with your gun or melee weapon. A joystick button lets you control forward and backward movement, and a separate button for firing the gun adds a lot of fun to the simple layout. The bullets you fire are limited, so you’ll need to use close combat to conserve them for later rampaging zombie hordes. Use your bullets wisely.

There are seven stage zones: District 13, Chinatown, Abandoned Place, Downtown, District 9, Greenville, and New Hope. Completing an area while collecting the required amount of stars unlocks the next area.

Backup characters can be added before each round for extra firepower. Each backup character gets a break of about 3 hours before being able to use them again. So choose wisely and keep your backups safe for monster fights.

Boosts are your best friend when you’re surrounded by flesh-hungry zombies. Each individual boost provides an opportunity to escape from any situation depending on the stage. You can use a boost if you run out of ammo or run out of power bar. Boosts allow you to refill and replenish your ammo. Call in an airstrike or call for support. Boosts are the perfect way to save yourself before landing the final blow.

Zombie killing Weapons and Global Leaderboards

There are tons of weapons, from flamethrowers to sniper rifles. We personally liked the Gold Shotgun. You can choose from a total of 30 different weapons and have fun. The game displays a list of global leaderboards along with a list of invited friends. Your personal stats are also displayed so you can compare your score to the globe and to your friends.

This game may not be as fun as more advanced zombie killers like SAS: Zombie Assault 3, but it’s definitely fun when the internet is down.

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