Infinitode 2 vR.1.8.10 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Infinitode 2 MOD APK vR.1.8.10

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Android 4.1
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(Unlimited Money)
Aug 22, 2022
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Infinitode 2 MOD APK

Infinitode 2

Infinitode 2 offers players the challenge of the tower defence genre, using towers needed to overcome enemies that emerge from portals. Towers have different powers that can be taken into account when using and upgrading skills. At the same time, each level brings many new challenges and a complex research system awaits you.


As you begin to experience Infinitode 2, you’ll notice the simplistic design of elements typical of titles of this kind. They consist of different squares, on which there are elements such as portals, bases and tower placements. So you could say the game is aiming for a minimalist design, but it still retains the excitement and pressure that the tower defence genre brings. In this game you will go through different levels.

The work that needs to be completed in this game has not changed at all. Because it will be you who will prevent enemies from appearing from portals and attacking your base. When your HP drops to zero, you’ll have to re-experience that level. It’s also exciting to know your enemies’ movements and start setting up defences to attack them before you start the game. It should be placed in any position.


Infinitode 2 progresses through different levels and gradually unlocks different types of towers. You can place it in any position where you want to hit the enemy most accurately. At the same time, the Tower Sniper can only fire one shot at a time, so it will take some time to keep firing the next shot, though the rate of fire will vary depending on the tower’s characteristics.

As you face big and powerful enemies, you can upgrade the towers you own with the money you earn. There are two main upgrade mechanics found throughout the level. The first mechanic is to spend money to upgrade your tower to new levels and deal better damage. Also, depending on the level completed, towers also gain abilities that make their attacks more effective.


There are a series of levels that must be completed in Infinitode 2 and they all have a star rating mechanism. Everyone wants to complete a level with his three stars, and each level has its own design characteristics, so be careful when placing different towers. At the same time, you must also complete these levels to unlock new skills for your tower and gather enough resources for your research.

Some levels drop some items, which are used for research to increase your strength in the game. The challenge that must be faced is the complexity of research due to the diverse system of development branches that resemble skill trees in RPG games.

This game has many compelling elements of the tower defence genre:

  • The level the player enters is designed to be completely minimal, but retains important elements that require attention.
  • They try to defend their base against a multitude of constantly moving enemies.
  • You can quickly increase your defence by choosing the right place to build towers and increasing their strength.
  • After completing several levels of the game, the tower offers skill options to increase the effectiveness of your attacks.
  • The set of factors in research is very complex and it is up to you to decide which development branch is right for you.

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