Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games v3.1.2.649 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games MOD APK v3.1.2.649

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(Unlimited Money)
Jul 2, 2024
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Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games MOD APK

Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games Mod
Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games is a title where players will find a kingdom where you have to develop different aspects to save the princess. You should find the management process idle and gradually becoming automated through various mechanisms. At the same time, powerful warriors are waiting to be recruited and upgraded in strength to fight the monsters that appear.


In Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games, players will travel through a vast and quite rich kingdom but always threatened by different monsters. Unfortunately, the princess of the kingdom has been captured and imprisoned deep in the forest. So you will accumulate money economically and start the process of recruiting heroes to attack the monsters. Indeed, you will find many ways to develop aspects of the kingdom.

In the new version of the game, players will find a fascinating mechanic: the appearance of warriors in chests. This gives a useful change as your power will increase if you are lucky in addition to the gold and diamonds you get.


When you start to experience Idle King Clicker Tycoon Games, you will see a worker harvesting rice and you will touch him to motivate him to work. Once a large amount of produce has been harvested, you will see a transporter put them into the warehouse and receive the money. This work will require the player to insist with these characters to ensure that they are constantly creating the necessary products for you to have resources and use them.

There are many ways to increase production efficiency by upgrading workers, transporters and hiring a master. The stats of workers and transporters will be increased to improve their performance and speed. At the same time, the master will be one to help you push these characters to work even without your control. Over time, you will create large amount of money and pay attention to your army.


Once you have an amount of money in Idle King Clicker Tycoon games, the next task you need to do is to use the money to hire warriors. The first warrior that can be hired is Finger, which means you tap the screen to attack the enemies you see. At the same time, there will be powerful warrior characters who can automatically attack; you only have to control the Finger to sustain them, especially when the bosses constantly appear.

There will be different levels in a stage, and you will defeat many monster classes; when you reach the final stages, there will be a series of bosses with high health for you to defeat. This victory condition is to destroy them within a specified amount of time. Therefore, the game also allows you to increase the stats of these characters and help them unlock new powers corresponding to each different level. Everything helps you to go to the rescue of the princess.

Players will find many elements for you to save the princess of the kingdom

  • Cost-effective system that you can develop and scale to idle and gradually reach automatic production.
  • You’ll level up workers and many associated characters to improve the efficiency of producing the resources you’ll use.
  • Powerful warriors will be recruited over time to help you defeat enemies that gradually appear in many different locations, especially the boss.
  • You will be the Finger Warrior helping other warriors defeat powerful enemies and improve their skills over time.
  • In the new version, the number of rewards in each chest has been increased alongside the gold coins and diamonds you receive.

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